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[lecture] Green activist [3 or 4 years]

Category:Middle and high schools,Three years,Four years
I appealed for environmental protection by live composite learning for 3 or 4 years and, over schools of the whole country, heard a story of green activist, Shina Tsuyuki (Keio University environmental information department) worked in a lecture. I learned many things such as the importance of "I solve nothing throughout the life when there was somebody in thought to be settled" doing "I start with turning the small world called oneself" "considerate choice".

[contribution acceptance type] Citrus ribbon

Category:News,Junior high school,One year
The students of the first grader participated in the ceremony of contribution acceptance in the Fukuyama human rights peace museum.
I have public facilities cooperate and wish that ribbon reach more people. In the case of the visit, please take ribbon home.

[the end of a school year examination]

Category:Middle and high schools
I carry out an examination from (3/2) this Tuesday at the end of a school year.
In our school, the bags of students form a line in the corridor during an examination neatly. This time is the last examination this year. Please try so hard that you can finish exerting own power without stopping paying attention to the very end.

[the Girl's Festival]

Category:Middle and high schools
It is "the Doll's Festival" of March 3 today.
Because it was about time when peach blossom bloomed at this time, and it was thought that the peach blossom had the power of the charm, it came to be called "the Girl's Festival".
Near the hina doll in the entrance of the visitor's room, a wonderful "ready-made decoration" is displayed. This is the thing that the protector of the graduate was handcrafted, and wishes from the old days to the healthy growth of the child seem to be loaded with.

[occasion rose] To graduating seniors [one year]

Category:Junior high school,One year
"The 67th graduation ceremony" is held tomorrow (3/1).
The first grader made the present of "the occasion rose" heartily one by one to convey past appreciation in the seniors of "the meeting of meikirameki" which reached graduation using time for synthesis. The good tradition of the star of the dawn is inherited from from a senior to a younger student and a younger student to a senior.
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