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[spray] I install this

Category:News,Middle and high schools
I finish the long suspension of business called about one and a half months, and a school reopens from next week.
I installed a spray in the classroom as one of the infectious disease measures to have students spend time even slightly in peace. Using the non-alcoholic sanitization water "hypochlorous acid water with two effects of "sanitization" and "the deodorization"," I sanitize it in a mist after the leaving school of students every day to the every corner of the classroom.

[the Holy Mother month] The completion

Category:Middle and high schools
I call May "the Holy Mother moon" in Catholicism. After the fashion of the Virgin Mary's way of life, I spend time while valuing that I live for others.
Words of the completion were introduced by broadcast at time of today's SHR and looked back toward each student having wrestled for one month.

[school resumption] It is news of this

Category:Middle and high schools
Our school reopens a school from Monday, June 1.
I will cope while noting "a new lifestyle", but I perform a morning health check well, and students, please wait with school attendance near at hand "the three secrets" at school as before in the home when there are fever and a symptom in poor physical condition. Please wear the mask on school attendance.
In the student and the protectors, I would like understanding and cooperation sequentially.
※ As for the details about the school attendance, please see the next PDF data.
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[dispersion school attendance]

Category:Middle and high schools
Yesterday, emergency declaration was the whole country, and news called the cancellation was reported.
I carry out dispersion school attendance in our school from last week and feel that vigor returns to the campus little by little. I am going to usually restart classes from next Monday. The worry by the influence of the long going out self-restraint does not run out, but will push forward learning together while keeping "a new lifestyle" in mind!

[tulip tree]

Category:Middle and high schools
The big flower such as the tulip blooms to a certain tulip tree (tulip tree) in front of the monastery.
I photographed the flower which bloomed in the on a certain tree approximately 10m quietly in from May to June in a drone in flowering season. When I go along in front of monastery, I will look up at the sky. Are you found? ?
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