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[research learning] Future construction cooperation research project in Osaki-Kamijima

Category:News,High school
I had cooperation, the support such as Osaki-Kamijima-cho, Classi, the trip to Japan and participated in high school student "future construction cooperation research project in Osaki-Kamijima" in four schools of our school and Meisei Senior High School, Takatsuki High School, Okayama High School.
I aimed at the thing more than "the learning of the school" and pushed forward research learning as a main theme in "what is the richness?". I performed fieldwork in Osaki-Kamijima at the end of December and, after the prior training with around one time a month of online or exchange of opinions on Classi, was going to deepen learning, but the field training was called off under the influence of new model coronavirus infection spread from September of the last year.
Therefore I made a try of the cause of the company-like cooperation that was going to be taken care of in the local training, a special product or the souvenir of the island or tried it and by sending the charm on homepages, I thought that I wanted to do it and worked on a help of the area promotion in participating school each.
In our school, I cooked the special products of the island on the afternoon of Saturday, January 30 and tried it. As I introduce the charm such as the impression and the special product of the island on the homepage of the following URL, please see it by all means.

[junior high school new pupil orientation] I carry this out

Category:Event,Junior high school
I carried out "junior high school new pupil orientation" on Saturday, February 13.
I greeted many various places entered the star of the dawn from this April and, blessed with weather, performed planned explanation or article sale in the future. Many wonderful accessories were set this year, and, in the sale booths such as an apron or the gym suit bag which all of the parents' associations handcrafted, many new pupils were able to purchase it. He/she visited a school, and thank you very much while you're busy.

[contribution acceptance type] (one year) citrus ribbon [Fukuyama Municipal Hospital]

Category:News,Junior high school,One year
I sent "the citrus ribbon" which a first grader handcrafted together to all of the Fukuyama Municipal Hospital.
This project is the activity that aimed at "the town planning that I get rid of born prejudice and discrimination, and everybody is easy to live on a corona evil" for. Announcement of the public speaking of one student begins in an opportunity, and go wasetetakunsanno wonderful ribbon is completed with all. When our thought reach healthcare workers; is ... with a wish.
Chugoku Shimbun-sha [February 13, 2021]

[radio broadcasting] I appear on this [mountain having FM]

Category:News,Junior high school,One year
About "the citrus ribbon project" that a first grader worked on, I appeared on the radio broadcasting of "the mountain which had FM".
It looked like, by live broadcasting from 11:00, the students were tense very much, but was able to convey purposes of this exercise called "the town planning that I lost born discrimination and prejudice, and all were easy to live on a corona evil" for as hard as possible.

[the second commuter pass concert] I hold this [koro, suterura]

Category:News,Middle and high schools,Club
I had the cooperation of many people and warm support and was able to hold "the second commuter pass concert".
In a severe condition called the infectious disease prevention, I showed the result that we cooperated together and practiced, and it was a fantastic concert full of the individuality of students.
Institute of educational foundation Fukuyama Akenohoshi
3-4-1, Nishifukatsucho, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima
TEL.084-922-1682 (academy direct communication)
FAX.084-925-1533 (academy direct communication)
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