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[the third parents' association] I carry this out

Category:Middle and high schools,Parents' association
On Wednesday, March 10, parents' association Standing Committee and discussion Committee were held.
There was the presentation ceremony of the donation by profit such as the one-year activity report and parents' association or orientation from all parts (Education Department, Welfare Department, support department).
The officers who had you participate, thank you very much while you're busy.

[the Great East Japan Earthquake] The tenth-year prayer

Category:Middle and high schools
It is ten years from the Great East Japan Earthquake that became the postwar largest disaster.
A dead person, disappearance, the disaster-related death amount to 20,000, and 40,000 or more are still forced to life as an evacuee. I gave prayer with the bell of the Angelus in the whole school while praying for the revival of the even slightly early stricken area and the happiness of many people suffered from. So that our prayer touches everybody of the stricken area; ...

[international exchange] Online English conversation [NZ]

Category:News,Junior high school,Three years
"Villa Maria College" of the sister school in the New Zealand continued interchanging in a Catholic girls' school while accepting the student each other until now.
Unfortunately the short-term studying abroad of the last year was called off, but the interchange with the foreign countries that I stopped by a corona evil at last reopened it today. The Sr which I continued preparing for while getting over various hurdles was not defeated by a smile of Aoki, and the joyful face of students when a screen was connected by the first attempt for a star of the dawn shined.

[concert] Koto [one year]

Category:Junior high school,One year
The first grader invited Mr. Kyoko Fujita in time for synthesis of last week and performed a concert.
Mr. Fujita is a musician of the koto in graduates of our school. After powerful live performance, I asked you about Fukuyama and the interesting story about the koto. They touched it with the koto which a professional was used in, and the students actually played the string fearfully.

[synthesis] The vision and mountain climbing [two years]

Category:Junior high school,Two years
In time for yesterday's synthesis, the second grader worked on "the vision" which went for the first semester (search of the way and the way of life that seem to be oneself education and search company). From a photograph; look back, and, by a program, as for the next week, is going to announce each vision.
Afterwards, I went for Mount Zao mountain climbing together. The weather worried about was restored and was able to feel coming of spring in many places in the mountain trail. On the mountaintop that could overlook the Fukuyama city, I had a lunch happily and made the good memory of the end of second grader.
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