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[Okayama Hiroshima combination championship] The third place [diving]

Category:Commendation,High school,Club
Sunday, August 23, 2020
Okayama Hiroshima combination championship (part of the diving)
Aoi Takada of six years (high 3) showed the result of the everyday exercise and won the third place wonderfully.
Takada was decided to undergo the participation to "the 96th Japan championship swimming meet". Congratulations!
・The 3m springboard diving third place (230.70 points)
・High diving    The third place (212.90 points)
Comment> from <person
Both the inter-school athletic meet and the National Athletic Meet were called off and they were very disappointed, but were enough as at last a meeting was held and was able to participate. I was tense at the first meeting this year.

[at dusk]

Category:Middle and high schools,Club
At last one week when nationwide intense heat continued was over.
The solar light that was fantastic over there, and was beautiful of the cloud spread when I looked up at the west sky in the evening.
Some temperature becomes the forecast to fall, but the days when attention is necessary for heat stroke seem to continue still more next week. Let's take a rest slowly on the weekend.

[parents' association] Support department

Category:Middle and high schools,Parents' association
I cut "the shop of mother" or "a mother cafe" open with a memorial festival bazaar and, in the support department of the parents' association, am active every year. Unfortunately because the memorial festival bazaar of this year was called off, I consider whether you cannot do it anything else and will have you sell it with the production of the handicraft work. I had many people cooperate in the protector round-table conference of the other day in spite of the hot inside and was able to sell the work safely. All of parents' associations that cooperated, thank you very much.


Category:Middle and high schools
I talk about the lingering summer heat visit.
In this summer, I finally passed the turning point. Hotter days continue, how are you getting along, everyone? ? As for the person hesitating about homecoming under the influence of a corona, it is a lot; pray nowadays when have time of the pleasure of home life with a family even at a moment.
In the school building, the chirping of cicada echoes under the blue sky spreading beautifully well today.


Category:Middle and high schools,Club
The new work of the calligraphy club is displayed in the north half-landing. It is the wonderful book which I can feel beautiful fireworks launched at summer night. As it is on this side breaking out in the hall, I stop a foot by all means, and please see it.
I have a feeling that summer passes in no time. Let's spend each day carefully, everybody!
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