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[common test] The second day

Category:High school,Six years
Following yesterday, the sixth grader (in the third year of high school) faces a university admission common test. Science and mathematics are carried out today of the second day, and the student taking an exam until the last subject is over at 17:50.
Until the last moment, believe own power!

[high school entrance examination] News that I am assigned to this

Category:High school
(1/18) will carry out "a high school entrance examination" tomorrow.
It is the forecast that temperature further falls to in the morning. An examinee, protectors, please visit a school after cold protection carefully. All the staff of a school sincerely pray that I can show a past effort of examinees enough.
・The person (examinee, protector) who is broken into by the campus carries out thermometry in front of a reception desk.
・In the case of a cold symptom, the poor physical condition such as a cough or the headache, please contact a receptionist.
・Please wear a mask on the campus.

[common test] The first day

Category:High school,Six years
A sixth grader (in the third year of high school) challenges a university admission common test carried out in a schedule of 2 days from today.
It is an examination carried out for the first time and it is the influence of the new coronavirus infectious disease and it was serious one year, but sincerely prays for all the current students, the staff of a school for an examinee this year so that it shows enough it that repeated efforts hard until now.
Go for it! A sixth grader! !

[general school festival] I publish it in the poster [art club]

Category:News,Middle and high schools,Club
In Yamaguchi of five years (in the second year of high school), the work which I did not do was published in the poster of "the Hiroshima High School synthesis school festival [display section] Fukuyama, Fuchu district exhibition" started on Tuesday, February 9 in Fukuyama Museum of Art.
As the work of many students is displayed including a work of Yamaguchi, after the infectious disease prevention, please arrive by all means.
 From Tuesday, February 9, 2021 to 14th Sunday
 9:30-17:00 (on the last day until 16:30)
 Fukuyama Museum of Art gallery hall
  ※ No charge for admission

[student council attendance speech meeting] I carry this out

Category:Event,Middle and high schools
I carried out "a student council attendance speech meeting" to select a president of the student council, a vice-chairperson of the next fiscal year.
I watched the greetings from a candidate and the campaign speech in each homeroom using online for infectious disease measures this time. While all students inherited a past tradition, it was the speech that determination and enthusiasm to make a star of the dawn better more were transmitted through.
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