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[medium- and high-levels] Broadcast morning gathering
 Good morning, everybody. It is Yasushi Tanaka of Institute of Fukuyama Akenohoshi's director.
 Today's morning gathering wants to talk about time when I visited several teachers of medium- and high-levels and the elementary school and France, Poland at the end of last year when new coronavirus is popular just before that.
 It was December 24 of the last year that I left Japan. The purpose of the trip was that I only saw sister Francis in the one life time and that Jews of the vast number of people visited Auschwitz with the killed camp during World War II in sisters of the time when a star of the dawn was founded.
 Sister Francis was broken by the old man facilities of the suburbs of Paris. Age anything and 98 years old. When I was able to come to Japan, it seemed to be 27 years old. As for the difficulty of the French sister who does not understand the words at all in land called unknown Fukuyama founding a school, there will be the thing which I can imagine easily.
However, when, as for this sister having been said in fluent Japanese, the star in dawn was able to grow up simply because there were trust and the cooperation from a Japanese particularly teachers and the protector of the star in dawn. Eyesight declined, and it was to the teacher who shed tears there, and it was encouraged all members with invisible eyes very much only darkly by powerful words, "I pray every day for a star of the dawn!".
 It is December 29 that I visited Auschwitz. Does everybody know what kind of place Auschwitz is? Germany Nazi killed a private citizen said to be 6 million people by a massacre to be said to be the Holocaust in all Europe during World War II. Because therefore Auschwitz is one of the made concentration camps, and a massacre was made by a main purpose, it is also called extinction camp.
In the weather which I did dimly which snow flew under the freezing point, and was scattered, I was by a local Japanese guide and observed the very large camp. It was all could do to print an evidence product of the history to appear one after another including the facilities where there remained it as a large quantity of mementos and those days when people sent to the gas chamber wore it to eyes without studying in a book beforehand, and giving off words to serious air totally different from what I expected. The fact that the person of 1.1 million was killed during only three years couldn't but admit that a human being might be eccentric to there in Auschwitz.
 It was the place that was almost crushed by such a serious atmosphere, but there was the place that was able to feel human preciousness and bright hope alone.  When when oneself was a Catholic father, the person called the Father Kolbe whom I offered a victim to ordered death from hunger punishment as a lesson stood in it in front of the room where punishment was carried out. It was able to have hope and trust in the Catholic sense of values that, thus, a star in dawn stood some other time that there was the person who showed the human dignity in the opposite poles and that the had Catholic faith while there was the human being who massacred an innocent person mercilessly.
 Touched noble passion of sisters at the time of the star foundation of the dawn 70 years ago now and was impressed with the posture that "lived for others" that Father Kolbe that it was an again Catholic saint showed to us and was the 9-day trip that felt that you must convey sense of values as the staff of a school of the Catholic school to who carried the next generation.
 I end the talk at my morning gathering in this.
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