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The 66th Fukuyama Akenohoshi girls' high school graduation ceremony director notification words
Everybody, congratulations on your graduation of the meeting of *wa.
 Time to finally do the departure from the star of the dawn when I spent impressionable time came.
It is finally only more parting time every day that I spend with a friend and the teachers who spent time together routinely in a school and the classroom which thought that naturally it is over there again.
 As for everybody, the Fukuyama Akenohoshi girls' high school which is at a Catholic school and a girls' school is graduated from. Generally the girls' school is a very rare person at a Catholic school. I will think that I want you to live without forgetting "a quality of star of the dawn" in the new world that everybody experiences from now on.
 I will consider on earth what the quality of star of the dawn is here once again. Is it not to have learned, "I live for others?" Then whom will what "live" say that I do it in with these "others" how?
 There is, "for example, there is no it" that it is just right to answer this question in the Bible that everybody learned. "Of the good Samaritan." In the scene which asked Jesus how a scholar of tora can get an everlasting life, yes can answer it in this way while pulling an example.
 A certain person was in the middle of falling down from Jerusalem to Jericho, and it was attacked by robbery. They stripped off the clothes of the person and knocked you down and they nearly killed it and left. One Rabbi went down the way by chance, but went along the other side of the way when I looked at the person. In addition, one Levite happened to pass by there in the same way, but the Levite went along the other side of the way when I looked at the person. However, one Samaritan who went on a trip came near and thought that I saw the person miserably and approached it and poured oil and wine into a wound and bandaged it. Then I took it to the accommodation on own donkey and nursed it. The Samaritan handed two pieces of denarion silver coins to takeoff, a padrone the next day and said. "Please nurse this person. If expenses increase, I pay when I returned." Well, do you think that it is who that became a neighbor for a person attacked by robbery among these three people?
 Of course the answer was the Samaritan whom I nursed, but I blamed Rabbi and the Levite whom I got rid of and praised the Samaritan whom I helped, and yes did not have this talk to convey the embarrassing moral lesson that I helped if a person was.
 In fact, a common point is common in these three people. At first having had the feeling "that probably I wanted to save" on seeing a person attacked by this robbery. And it means that I had the sufficient reason that may pass with three people without helping you. Because it was to violate law in the tora at the time to touch the person covered with blood for Rabbi and Levite as the blood was polluted and did it in a dog and a monkey with the Jew with a Samaritan for the Samaritan in those days again, I blamed nobody even if I got rid and left. While all three of them are in the common situation in this way, on earth what is that the later action was different?
 I think that it may be because a Samaritan "thought on seeing a hurt person miserably". This one "thinking of miserably" is to have strongly at all felt the feeling of the person hurt in a strong meaning to strongly think so that the bowels are twisted in the Greek of the original text unlike a normal meaning to say in Japanese in this scene. It means that only this Samaritan felt the strong feelings. Probably the Rabbi and the Levite might feel a guilty conscience to oneself who did not help an embarrassing person without following nature and the feelings that went up while convincing oneself that own action was a right action along the law. Conversely, the Samaritan performs justice as I felt oneself to be and will be to have felt a satisfied feeling.
 As for everybody, volunteer activity was experienced in the life in the star of the dawn, but how was the feeling after having done volunteer activity? A feeling was connected with a partner and had you please with own action and might feel very happy.
 Of course it is important at all that there is moral significance in what "live for others" helping the person who is in trouble because finds happiness. It is that it makes a person happy how long to live for others than I live for oneself or thinks that it is revealed if I see it toward the protector of who brought up. I think with everybody being just feeling on seeing the figure that a high school is graduated from magnificently happily at all how long it was had trouble to bring up everybody. Toward the protector of everybody devoted to for everybody before oneself, it will be that feelings not to be able to do all even if I thank you go up with nature.
 Well, everybody will leave for the new world from now on.
It may be very important to practice "I live for others".
At first please study. Please polish own intelligence. To distinguish what is justice.
And please experience it. That there is what kind of person in the world, and the people feel it how, and to know what you demand.
And please act. To carry out justice. And to make oneself and the person of the circumference happy.
 With the above I do it with congratulations and best wishes to all of meetings of *wa where a Fukuyama Akenohoshi girls' high school is graduated from.
February 29, 2020 (Reiwa 2)
Institute of educational foundation Fukuyama Akenohoshi's director Yasushi Tanaka
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