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Story of the principal

The first semester closing ceremony address
 I conferred the principal Prize on Red Branch leader Hirata and vice-leader Nishina some time ago for the first semester. Various events were called off in a corona evil, and an activity was limited. Meanwhile, I explored it when I wanted to realize an athletic meet to become one of the memories of the sixth grader somehow and did it with the enforcement in the form called the nothing audience only for the morning. A blue group became the team bullet and was the result called championship with the part of a competition, the support.
 When became the athletic meet in the insufficient form, but visited the store because Red Branch leaders purchased cloth for the support; "will hold an athletic meet this year. I appreciated this, and it was just introduced that I said a staff, I want to work on being able to do it with every effort as a story of the high school girl that it was refreshing and was fantastic by broadcast of redio Bingo. I strongly felt that it would be what happy and, to hear this story, just decided a school aim for some other time among the students who embodied when I wanted to do that there was me as hard as possible. It is the principal Prize for such a reason.

 Well, everybody enters at tomorrow in summer vacation of 34 days. In last year, have effect of temporary closure affecting a new coronavirus infectious disease, and is after a long absence as most of were a class and the summer vacation that it is, and is short at all; more than one month long-term; will be closed.
 However, the violence of the new coronavirus infectious disease is not settled and declares emergency of Tokyo, Okinawa, and emphasis measures are given to prevention of spread of Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa, Osaka until August 22. In the prefecture, the number of the infected people reaches a double-digits stand with increase of the number of the infected people of the new mutant (delta stock) again, and the infection spread of the fifth wave is the situation that there is concern about. Based on a new lifestyle, I carry out temperature measurement of the every morning, evasion of not only the healthy check but also the three secrets, hand-washing, finger sterilization, brisk ventilation that I do room temperature 28 degrees Celsius below, thorough cough etiquette sequentially and will undergo medical treatment at home without overdoing it when there is a symptom of fever or a cold.

 For this semester, I devised learning activity and continued school events and club activities as much as possible. The athletic meet reduced, and I did it, but it was after a long absence and became the event that I nominated the whole school, and it was holding it in no audiences the event that overflowed in vigor by achievement of the leader support of and the sixth grader of the member of the executive committee.
 In addition, I had you carry out "the magic show & talk of Dr. Kamei" carried out on July 15 with remote from 700km away Tokyo. It was appeared in the part of empire Airlines great captain of TV drama "Naoki Hanzawa" and was an introduction of Soma Suzuki of the musical actor who had you give a concert of the 70th anniversary of our school. It was planned in last March, but enforcement became impossible just before that for simultaneous nationwide temporary closure. Still, in such severe situation, whether there was not the method that there was Kamei thought, and it was this enforcement.
 I tasted an impression by the wonderful magics such as the cards which jumped over space-time, and were sent while there was an occlude feeling and had a big impression from the talk that grew, and talked about a state of oneself who stood on the failure experience. It was the fantastic time when I had in the connection of the star of the dawn for a while with Kamei and was the blissful time when I strongly felt "jiima" and "the thanks" that were an aim in this year.
 However, based on the current situation, I do the school camping trip of two years, the memorial festival bazaar with cancellation, but I change it in the country and am going to carry out the school excursion of the fifth grader who postponed it for one year in future.
 Well, for the first semester of everybody, you brought up "jiimamei, generosity, a feeling of thankfulness", and you showed Grit, and were you able to improve scholastic ability? There seems to have been the person who was troubled by the behavior of the friend, and suffered. At first, it is essential to come to be able to show "a heart of the generosity" (consideration) for the friend whom there is close in wearing mind "Women for Others" of the-based study of our school. I will bring it up well.
 For the examination period to reach soon, everybody, of the sixth grader, it is very important one month. It is said, "the person winning summer wins examination". A lot of supplementary lessons are planned, too, but they carry out "jiima" namely "a thing making every possible effort for at the current moment" and plan weak point reinforcement and will connect it with improvement of the scholastic ability.
 The action is limited in students, a corona evil, but is summer vacation to be produced a lot at own time. You can do what, or what you should do now thinks about anything well, and please use premeditatedly own time now while valuing a moment now. And it will be assumed that I was able to realize growth in summer vacation to be able to say.
 In addition, I show Okada, Nakahara of six years to participate in the national high school entirety namely an inter-school athletic meet, Watanabe for one year to participate in a national junior high school championship, guitar mandolin region participating in a national convention, the result of the past exercise enough, and the meeting to challenge it very much, and to remain for the memory, please. Please support everybody.

 Softball, the women's soccer of the Tokyo Olympics is carried out ahead of an opening ceremony from today. The opening ceremony is held the day after tomorrow on 23rd, and the fight of the hard-bitten top athlete is developed for 17 days until a closing ceremony of August 8. It is postponed in a corona evil for one year and became the meeting in no audiences, but it must be it to enliven the mass media such as TV, the newspaper. I think that there is a competition paying attention, but, as well as Match Results, there are many points that you should learn in the figure of the player who arrived here through some hardships. You pay attention to such one side, and please watch a game on TV. The topic of the Paralympics started on August 24 of the day before opening ceremony for the second semester is must-see.

 "A heat stroke caution alert" was announced yesterday in the prefecture. There is the forecast that temperature about 35 degrees lasts, and enough caution is necessary for a while. There are a lot of people attending school by supplementary lessons and club activities, but please give top priority to an action to take a break at a good place of the hydration that is brisk for heat stroke with caution enough and the cool ventilation, and to protect a life.
 I pray for it being the growth of everybody and significant summer vacation and do it with an address.
The principal Onoda civilization
Institute of educational foundation Fukuyama Akenohoshi
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