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Closing ceremony, farewell type
 This closing ceremony, farewell type considered the influence to affect a new coronavirus infectious disease and performed the expression in the hall by cancellation, broadcast.
 I publish an introduction sentence to affect a closing ceremony and the achievement of three people (judengiki, Hiroshi Matsuzaka, Keiko Watanabe) resigned from.
2019 third semester closing ceremony
 I transmitted a certificate of merit now. It is the proof that many people played an active part in many aspects for this semester. There was the receiving a prize by the contents which should mention the presentation in the notebook Koshien national convention of school grand prix and fourth grader Ogawa in the part of the NHK haiku meeting youth of the third grader specially at the start and was the term when it was such achievement of and felt big joy among other things.
 In addition, it becomes the school attendance after a long absence for everybody today and thinks it to be that the conversation with the friend bounds. I am the place that I keenly realized when it is a school with being some other time on seeing "good morning." and the state that said hello in the voice that everybody is fine at the time of school attendance.
 The aim this year "brought up a heart of a life, the generosity". WHO is pandemic now and enlarges the new coronavirus infectious disease started from China in the end of January so as to declare sunawachi, the pandemic of the infectious disease, and many lives are robbed of it and economic activities are delayed and have a big influence on the human. With visits to Japan of a natural disaster and a dispute and the Pope who lasted these past several years, it was the year when I was made to think about the importance of the irreplaceable life by us deeply again.
 Was everybody able to show a heart of the generosity namely a heart of the consideration for this one year? Around everybody, was there the person who felt lacking? Was there the person who felt who tormented it, and was hard to look good? If a heart of the generosity is shown enough, I think that there is not such a person. The bullying can take the important life. In the new year, I polish a heart of the generosity and will do it at a school without the bullying that everybody can spend in peace.
 Well, it is a day to hand a diploma to everybody, but, under the influence of a new coronavirus infectious disease, I stop that I gather in a hall and should be originally greetings by the broadcast today. It was the situation that cannot but make temporary suspension of business, but does the life at the home with basics except some students participating in curricula in particular of the fifth grader during suspension of business for a while in spring from tomorrow.
 When "a tendency to increase continues for the time being, the number of the infected people is predicted except for the temporary increase and decrease and, according to the opinion of the new coronavirus infectious disease seminar, does not seem to be able to still loosen caution.".
 Therefore, please live next life during a suspension of business period in spring while noting three points.
Carry out basic infectious diseases measures such as 1 cough etiquette or hand-washing thoroughly.
When you have 2 cold symptoms, with going out near at hand, wear a mask when you go out out of necessity.
As for the common point of 3 outbreaks, "ventilation is bad" avoid that it gathers in the space that people gather thickly badly, and ventilation spends in a group in particular as it is revealed that "the space that a person spends gathering thickly" is "the place where the fear that the unspecified number of people touch is high".
 You live above-mentioned life while noting three points, and please attend school with a cheerful figure on April 6.

2019 farewell type
 Then, you introduce three teachers made the retirement in this year, and please say hello from each one later. For a longtime achievement, it is the real intention to have you say hello in front of everybody, but should be originally a farewell type by the broadcast taking this situation into consideration.
 judengikisakisei had our school register as social studies teacher for 34 years. I took the heavy responsibility such as the entrance examination managers of Public Relations Department the other day and had you contribute to development of our school. I took thought of students as a class teacher well for six years and, for last two years, had exhaustive and painstaking instruction act in order to grant each course hope. In addition, the figure which showed prominent technology as photograph department's advisor, and was instructed was very impressive. The thing that Mr. Shigeta was taken as for the seasonal photograph published in the homepage of our school is most of. Thank you very much for a long time. In addition, I will be taken care of by a teacher as a part-time teacher of the ethic in the next fiscal year.
 Mr. Hiroshi Matsuzaka had our school register as a science teacher for 28 years. I took the heavy responsibility such as a grade chief or the vocational counseling manager the other day and had you contribute to development of our school. I had you concern with the interview instruction of the sixth grader with a plan, practice to affect the vocational counseling such as a career plan or the special curriculum as a vocational counseling manager deeply for these three years and had you make an effort for the realization of the each person's course. In addition, as an advisor of ECO club, I showed high specialty and leadership and often led it to the receiving a prize in each science Prize, and many achievements were left. Thank you very much for a long time. In addition, a teacher is going to sometimes give the support of the ECO club to me.
 Mr. Keiko Watanabe had you work as a music department teacher for 37 years. I took the heavy responsibility such as art course's chiefs the other day and had you contribute to development of our school. A teacher was a graduate of our school, and history and a tradition of our school were valued, and the figure that the instruction that there was love carefully tenaciously was done was impressive at all. In addition, commencing with the instruction such as a hallelujah chorus and a chorus contest, the sacred song which were a tradition of our school, I had you make an effort as koto club's advisor. I had you instruct a graduate as a class teacher devotedly for six years among other things as if I gave glory to crowning beauty in this year. Thank you very much for a long time. In addition, I will have a teacher play an active part in the corporation secretariat in the next fiscal year.
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