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Science target and characteristic

Aim of the curriculum

  I am born by Big Bang approximately 13,700 million years ago, and the space is said to continue still expanding. There are various heavenly bodies, various materials in this space, and power to work among this and others is various, but the material is comprised of an atom having organized structure, and constant law characteristics are seen in the structure of power and the chemical reaction to work between materials.
  On the earth, the material as such an inanimate object delivered the self-reproduction called the creature and the existence that acted of the intersecting point by a chemical reaction. The creatures evolved while coming under an influence by the change of the global environments such as orogenic movement or the change of the climate while changing a global environment into objection again, and the human being who had the intelligence that could consider even the space which laid existence and self called the self at last was born.
  The aim of the science education of six years in the principal school feeds imagination and knowledge to understand such a space and a material, the history about the creature and law characteristics to be seen in that with admiration and wears a method of the natural science that enabled such a view on space and view on life and is to bring up application made use of for happiness of the human in times in the future.

Characteristic of the curriculum

  I aim at the class to raise interest in nature by analyzing things, a phenomenon of nature through an experiment, observation scientifically, and researching it. At the junior high school, I perform the outdoor observation of the plant and the reproduction observation of the planarian, the dissection of the real presentation and invertebrates such as heart or the kidney of the pig, the dissection of the eyes of the pig.
  In addition, I perform a free study during a long vacation to develop a manner of the voluntary learning and, along a theme of each person, gather up a purpose, a method, a result and bring up power to consider. There are many unique studies such as the making of the device leading to the solution to environmental problem, an investigation of the quality of the water of the river, the detailed observation of the animal action, influence on breeding plant by the environment.
  In the class, I adopt an environmental problem and a social problem positively and develop applied power to analyze a happening problem into scientifically practically.
  In addition, I use many audiovisual materials and commercial computer software, one's own teaching materials animations (video) and develop a class to raise interest clearly.
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