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Cooking, "Bob train" for the first year of high school

I cooked bread!
The friend of the Class dandelion enjoyed the making of bread together.
I knead cloth and round it and am interesting.
I ate the baked bread with the snacks of the afternoon.
Soak an apron and a triangle bandage; and completely!
A cooking start!
It mixes materials. Interesting.
I knead it.
Pleasant ...!
I thin it with both hands well.
It is an earnest expression!
I stretch it out well.
The touch of the cloth is comfortable.
It became gradually fun!
I round it around.
Soft and fluffy ...!
... which was made!
I ate the completed bread with snacks deliciously!
Program "Bob train" for the first year of high school
I went on the junior and senior high schools and looked at the program "Bob train" for the first year of high school!
I enjoyed it with "... to want to see already once".

I went to the gymnasium of medium- and high-levels!
A lot of "Bob train" animals came out.
I danced "Shaka Shaka boogie-woogie" for thanks.
Older sisters saw you off.
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※ About the individual inquiry
I would like it at the following.
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