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Raise it by an octopus; a January birthday party

I put up an octopus
I reached January and enjoyed minnadetakoageo.
The kite which children made went up to a blue sky.
I ran in the garden a lot, and the cold vanished, too!

I put up an octopus together!
Is it kana - going up highly?
"Wait -!" I run after a nursery staff and run.
I grasp it well.
I ran a lot!
January birthday party
I did the birthday party of the friend born in January.
Six friends reached a birthday.
Grow up vigorously.
I became 2 years old!
I became 3 years old!
Is the program of the nursery staff a house of whom? I went out to various houses to play!
I see it well!
To animals "baiba - i"
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FAX.084-925-1533 (academy direct communication)
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