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Christmas society

Christmas society
I did Christmas society!
I read a story of the birth of Jesus and the program of the nursery staff slowly and carefully and enjoyed it and I was enthusiastic about a song and the dance and tried it hard.
I cut off a child of the delight while being surprised for an appearance of Santa Claus. I got a present from Santa one by one.
I could celebrate birth of Jesus happily in all of the nursery school and became the Christmas society full of smiles.
The slide screening "day when Jesus was born"
Song "ohoshigahikaru" of praying
I pray.
Panel theater "Christmas noutagakikoetekuruyo"
I read the program of the nursery staff slowly and carefully.
Dance "Christmas noutagakikoetekuruyo"
It is an appearance of Santa Claus!
I get a present from Santa in smiling.
I had Santa pat the head.
With Santa "Jingle Bells"
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