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Education basic policy

With a posture to learn
The scholastic ability that I acquired
I bring up power to make use of.
In the principal school, I raise "intellectual training" and "flowering of the individuality" as a practice aim of formation and the contents of the curriculum aiming at all development that human, is individual of each student.
Since the opening of a school, assume medium- and high-levels consistent education a base; 1.2 years student "basics" 3.4 years student a "development" 5.6 years student as time of "the completion," 
 ① The acquisition of basic basic thorough instruction and the high scholastic ability
 ② Respect for individuality and originality
 ③ Upbringing of the citizen of the world by the improvement of language study education
 ④ Upbringing of the feeling-related rich human resources by the cultivation of aesthetic sensitivity and the on-site training
I perform an instructional activity based on the point of view of above four.
I act in enhancement of the further education while bringing up power to live for that the present age demands based on a tradition since the foundation of 1949.

Star profile of the dawn

18-year-old figure

With the profile of the star of the dawn, I expressed a concrete figure to expect from the student who left a high school at 18 years old.
I make use of this in daily activities and assume an education effect a means to look back on.
It comes to turn out, "it is the important existence that I am loved.".
Power to make use of a posture to learn and the scholastic ability that I acquired in grows up.
Power building the rich relation grows up. 
I acquire a heart to serve and power to practice.
I acquire a posture to always pursue growth of the self.

Special curriculum

Special curriculum
I polish oneself through Catholic ethic and Christianity event and bring up a heart of the prayer, a heart of the service in daily school life.

2018 school aim

I bring up a heart performing of generosity

I thought that I wanted you to improve the quality of "the certificate" which the Bible told carefully and did it in "the permission" of the letter called "generosity". There is not what I do and person gayaijimeniau person feeling unpleasant, and everybody sends school life to the star of the dawn full of "heart to yearn for the partner like oneself" "hearts of the consideration" with a smile brightly, and what I do at the school which can show power to have enough is the meaning of the aim in this year. To achieve this,
 ● Empathy (power to sympathize with)
 ● Grit (power to carry out)
 ● Growth (the power that I continue learning)
I will walk three power of this carefully for this one year.
Principal Onoda civilization
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