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The staff of a school greetings

I send a voice of the staff of a school of the Fukuyama Akenohoshi Elementary school.

Vice-principal Noriaki Iwamoto

 If express star Elementary School of the dawn in short words; of "the handcrafting is a school". Because it is a private elementary school, an each person's teacher thinks with own head and, by own action, pushes forward step with a child.

 Facing each child, I take good care of each one. The way of thinking of star Elementary School of the dawn in the root,

"Oneself is an important person"

"The people whom there is around oneself are in the same way as oneself or more important existence"

It means. It becomes the way of thinking such as the above when I realize Christian sense of values in the guidance of the school. Therefore teachers help each other, and the children help each other together, and "all of us are children kind at all of siblings" all from a first grader to a sixth grader.

 While each teacher repeats trial and error, I push forward step. I determine the step and think that it is to a thing with the few taste to a ready-made article though it is not fast. Therefore the star elementary school of the dawn is "a handmade school".

 Seeing from the side, the figure which is not stylish may show it, but thinks that strength to teach few education contents and it to as a pride is hidden in other schools.

 I think that my viewpoint is to become the lubricant smoothening the relations with such staff, staff and child.

 Please pass through the gate of star Elementary School of the dawn. And you stick out your chest, and, six years later, please flap. We support step together and help me.


Principal assistance Etsuko Morita

In Fukuyama where a burnt field spread after the war, star Elementary School of the dawn was founded by the sisters who were able to come from France. Principal first generation sister Francis is said to be it without understanding both the words and the culture when it was "trust to God" and "a sporting blood" that there was in a heart of the sisters who were able to come to Japan.

"A sporting blood." Is this heart not necessary for us who live in the 21st century either? Spirit of adventure is a heart to search to include mysterious dana, what which what will happen to. It may be said that it is connected to the hope to something in there to a root.

I think that I want you to do a lot of experiences of the throb to be heated to be heated in the elementary school life. Anything will be waiting for the brilliant eyes of the enrolling first grader from now on, when may do what kind of thing, rise in brightness and hope. Encounter with a teacher and the friend, encounter ... with the new learning and life itself. In the school life of 6 years, one kanji, one calculation, one English word, one note throb and are a beginning of new one step to be excited at. I sometimes fail and I do not know it and get tired of it and I am annoyed and may shed tears. I want to value how you get over them.
 Adventure requires a friend, too. The first sisters could come to Fukuyama in five people and were committed for academy foundation. In our school, I value, "only God lives as all brothers before". Each one whom God made is only unique existence of the one in the world. It is different and is ordinary. Because it is different, cooperation and the cooperation with the friend are born. I experience various things such as joy and sorrow, pleasure or vexation in being able to meet a friend thinking that it is important, the relation with the friend and want to support children to be able to deepen the power of the head, the power of the body, the power of the heart through it.
 A small seed sets a root in the elementary school well, and it may be said that it is a place saving power to take out a bud. Because children stretch out each bud rapidly, place, it to be able to put a root on well are star elementary schools of the dawn. Each one believes own possibility to use the power that God gives oneself for other people while I leave for having each adventure after the graduation, and to be able to open joy and wants to bring up a heart to believe the possibility of others, and to respect and power to act.

School affairs manager Sumihiro Matsuoka

Education study manager Tomohiko Taneda

 The children are living now in the times when the change that innovation such as globalization or the AI advances to rapidly is intense. The Fukuyama Akenohoshi Elementary school does school education target while it looks like it when "I bring up power to survive each person's individuality in a drawer, international community" and pours power into bringing up "the child who finds a oneself problem, and learns by oneself, and acts a oneself thought".
 One of the approaches is a class study. I assume the pillar of the study national language, arithmetic, English and wrestle in all staff of a school for the making of class with "independent talks-like learning" raised even in the new course of study that became the full-scale enforcement from 2020. In addition, as a new approach, I carry out a weekly "class of the communication" and wrestle in the whole school for education to bring up power making the human relations that children are warm.
 It is a class at much time that children spend at school. The class "is fun!" for children Also, I will push on for us, all the staff of a school study to become that I think, "power improved!" to be able to be pleased with the growth of children together with of the protector.
So that "all people visiting the star of the dawn find happiness."
 I appreciate what I can make an effort for with prayer for children. 

From a health room

 I met many children by a health room and a class. I greatly grow up while the children learn every day and are troubled. Want children spending important six years together in the life called the primary schoolchild to bring up to in the future what kind of adult; or ... ... which wants to be healthy, and a living person to bring up to mind and body by own power from now on in the super aging society which I will reach. I pray so. And I think that it is my mission that becomes a support of the growth of children.


 When children came to the health room, let alone the medical treatment of the injury, I listen to the voice of children and teach the health that considered the stages of development of children as needed and keep it in mind so that a thought tells that I can learn from the cause of the injury together. I am interested about own lifestyle and action and can notice first aid treatment to have by oneself and am connected in bringing up the manner that is going to solve own health problem by doing so.


 The children of the star of the dawn have a kind heart to be considerate of the person of the circumference. And I play a key role and will play an active part in various places in the future and may be concerned with many people. I may sometimes come across an embarrassing scene and the hard scene while I live. I want to work hard at study as a school nurse while staring at own problem in that, and snuggling up to each one through it to grow up with the person whom I can walk by own power while cooperating with people of the circumference.

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