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Staff of a school greetings

I send a voice of the staff of a school of the Fukuyama Akenohoshi Elementary school.

Vice-principal Noriaki Iwamoto

 If express star Elementary School of the dawn in short words; of "the handcrafting is a school". Because it is a private elementary school, an each person's teacher thinks with own head and, by own action, pushes forward step with a child.

 Facing each child, I take good care of each one. The way of thinking of star Elementary School of the dawn in the root,

"Oneself is an important person"

"The people whom there is around oneself are in the same way as oneself or more important existence"

It means. It becomes the way of thinking such as the above when I realize Christian sense of values in the guidance of the school. Therefore teachers help each other, and the children help each other together, and "all of us are children kind at all of siblings" all from a first grader to a sixth grader.

 While each teacher repeats trial and error, I push forward step. I determine the step and think that it is to a thing with the few taste to a ready-made article though it is not fast. Therefore the star elementary school of the dawn is "a handmade school".

 Seeing from the side, the figure which is not stylish may show it, but thinks that strength to teach few education contents and it to as a pride is hidden in other schools.

 I think that my viewpoint is to become the lubricant smoothening the relations with such staff, staff and child.

 Please pass through the gate of star Elementary School of the dawn. And you stick out your chest, and, six years later, please flap. We support step together and help me.


Principal assistance Akemi Kaino

The elementary school born as a last school in the House of astronomy class of the dawn in 1964 begins to walk the second Creation period just new again through Ayumi for 50 years. I had many graduates, power of protectors from foundation to today and had the local various places watch it and walked it.

As for children, the growth visible every moment every day accomplishes the invisible growth to eyes. "The child of the star of we dawn has a special mission as all Son of God individually. I will develop the power of the head which oneself was given in each, the power of the heart, the power of the body as hard as possible."

It is a certain word in a child notebook. We staff of a school receives love from protectors full and takes children brought up and lets the talent whom God gave each one send out buds and must bring him up.

The society becomes the infoglut, and the sense of values diversifies. I settle and I gradually see the figure which should have a person as a person and do not seem to become hard to get efficiency, time shortening. However, each one quits oneself and, in what kind of times, does it with (affirmation) and shares it with others, and joy and growth to be provided while I connect a heart may bring about true peace and happiness. Oneself thinks that it is a child of the light that the person whom the person can take good care of learns in a star of the dawn, too.

I show the power that I hid all babies in inward and, with others, learn and believe it when place, it which work, and grow up are star elementary schools in this dawn. We staff of a school learns with children, too and moves forward and grows up.

I cannot help praying for the cause of support of protectors and the cooperation, the growth of the soft head of children, the growth of the heart deep warmly and the growth of the healthy body.


School affairs manager Sumihiro Matsuoka

 In the principal school, I bring up children through English, religion, an on-site training, service club activities let alone the learning of each subject every day.

 All of having learned at school supports children who became a member of society in the future. To that end, I think that learning to make "understanding" not learning "learning" is important. In the class, I let you think "why does it seem to be?" slowly and carefully and let you taste joy to understand. It leads to exciting will to the learning to next.
 In addition, I concentrate power on bringing up "the child who became independent" every day. The blindness in one eye is a service club activity. Of "the joy of others oneself, through an experience pleased" with, is active every day to become the person helping the society. The second is commuting to and from school. The learning of children of the star of the dawn begins from the moment when home one step appeared in the morning. The commuting to and from school uses foot and a school bus or a public bus and train as an aim in letting you bring up social nature.
 In addition, I lay emphasis on the cultivation of aesthetic sensitivity and work on whole school chorus on open school and a learning presentation, a stage of the rose Festival.

From an office work department


I spend the office work department with children as teachers, the part of pipe of the various places of the protector every day.

I can see a state, growth, the connection of children in that.


"I fell down during school attendance and, in morning on one day, said ke gaoshita", and an upper-class student might come to the reception desk with a lower-grade student. Several adhesive plasters were put on the foot which I skinned carefully. An upper-class student reported, "you must have the teacher of health room examine it fast though I bandaided it as an emergency measure" anxiously.

As for the children of star Elementary School of the dawn, there is many that I feel an upper-class student and a lower-grade student, the strong connection beyond the school year like this event.

Even a club, a service department, a learning presentation, everyday cleaning see each other's figures doing its best, and the lower-grade student loves an upper-class student as there are many opportunities calling out to each other, and the upper-class student takes care of a lower-grade student well. The figure is very natural, and it is very comfortable.

When such a figure makes to be made to grow at various places as well as school life, I pray.


Various children come to the office work department to call out every day.

Even, meanwhile, if "it is possible for the relation class different from the teacher again ..."

I contact children with such thought.


When you were able to come to star Elementary School of the dawn, please speak to the office.

I am looking forward to the day to be able to see you.

From a health room

 I serve it as a school nurse and reach the second year. I met many children by a health room and a class. I greatly grow up while the children learn every day and are troubled. Want children spending important six years together in the life called the primary schoolchild to bring up to in the future what kind of adult; or ... ... which wants to be healthy, and a living person to bring up to mind and body by own power from now on in the super aging society which I will reach. I pray so. And I think that it is my mission to become a support of the growth of children.


 When children came to the health room, let alone the medical treatment of the injury, I listen to the voice of children and teach the health that considered the stages of development of children as needed and keep it in mind so that a thought speaks that I can learn from the cause of the injury together. I am interested about own lifestyle and action and can notice first aid treatment to have by oneself and am connected in bringing up the manner that is going to solve own health problem by doing so.


 The children of the star of the dawn have a kind heart to be considerate of the person of the circumference. And I will play a key role in the future at various places and play an active part and may be concerned with many people. I may sometimes come across an embarrassing scene and the hard scene while I live. I want to work hard at study as a school nurse while staring at own problem in that, and snuggling up to each one through it to grow up with the person whom I can walk by own power while cooperating with people of the circumference.

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