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The latest information (2017)

[meal Tachi Junior High School] I observe the new school building

Category:News,Middle and high schools
A big heap of pollution soil and waste which were covered with a tarpaulin when I entered the village was piled up innumerably and was kept severely. I observed it in the new school building where the preparations for construction and opening ceremony were pushed forward by the guidance of the teacher of meal Tachi Junior High School. In a new school building to line up from a kindergarten to the elementary school in the same site, the big hope of the people of the village seemed to be put.

Chugoku Shimbun-sha [high school student Ambassador Hirawa]

Category:News,High school
The state of the press conference of "21st high school student Ambassador Hirawa" performed at Hiroshima-shi government office on the other day is published in Chugoku Shimbun-sha of (3/30) today.
Kaihara chosen among the principal school strengthens determination saying "I turn a field of vision to the world widely".
2018.4.4 Wednesday
The state of the press conference of the other day was published in today's Asahi Shimbun.

[Iitate, Fukushima Junior High School temporary school building closing a school type] I participate in this

Category:News,Middle and high schools
I participated in a temporary construction school building closing a school type of the Iitate, Fukushima village meal Tachi junior high school that continued interchanging through S club and a student council for two years.
I was forced to whole village refuge, and, in the severe situation, the parting with the school building which I matched power together and built up was a closing a school type to feel the other side of the joy to be able to return to the village, big loneliness.
With an image and a video, I saw the step of students from an earthquake disaster for 7 years and felt that this closing a school type was connected to big one step to the future.
Finally I transferred many balloons which I wrote a message together to the sky of Fukushima carrying a dream and hope.

I visit Yokohama AOS and the-based success temple

Category:News,Middle and high schools
Temperature is higher in Yokohama than Hiroshima, and a cherry tree meets the full bloom.
I visited AOS(Apostleship of the Sea) in Yokohama for the first time this time. In the principal school, I pray for security and health of sailors carrying baggage by ship all over the world through AOS for eight years and present handmade Rosary. Fortunately, I got on the foreign ship which went to Singapore or the Philippines and was able to hand Rosary to a captain directly. I leave an important family for the mother country and am done really serious as for the long sailors who continue going on a voyage work. I knew that I valued the Rosary that we presented and was able to feel big joy.
I visited the-based success temple in Tsurumi that a fifth grader (high 2) was taken care of in posture of contemplation Kiyoharu society every year afterwards. Four carpenters spend time called approximately five years and, including carpenter specializing in building shrines and temples, seem to be rebuilding a temple carefully now. Nevertheless, thank you very much a carpenter with chief bonze of a temple who coped with a smile kindly while you're busy. We support the completion of the temple, too.

[21st high school student Ambassador Hirawa] Kaiyuan bow joy

Category:News,High school
Prefecture selection society to select three people of "21st high school student Ambassador Hirawa" who appealed for nuclear weapon extinction or realization of the world peace outside the country was opened in Hiroshima-shi on Sunday, March 18. In the application of 44 people, the Kaiyuan bow joy of four years (high 1) was chosen as a representative, and a press conference was performed today at (3/27), Hiroshima-shi government office.
Three people visit Switzerland Geneva with high school student Ambassador Hirawa of the whole country in August and observe United Nations disarmament conference and appeal to the world for thought and nuclear weapon extinction of being bombed place Hiroshima.
Kaihara, really congratulations.
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