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Commendation ceremony <arts and crafts department>
Category:Daily events
Commendation ceremony of the Ikuo Hirayama Museum prize picture contest
Commendation of the child road safety poster contest
On Sunday, November 19 in a bel canto hall of Setodacho, Onomichi-shi
There is the commendation ceremony of "the 17th Ikuo Hirayama Museum prize picture contest"
Four children who won a prize participated.
There is comment from the judge in an expression,
"I chose whether an impression and the feeling of the author were handed down for a point.
The thing that is serious just to stay until the last examination from 2,873 points of application.
I had you praise it saying everybody is fantastic.
In star Elementary School of the dawn, ten children in total win a prize
I was able to have a school prize.

At the talk morning gathering of Monday, November 20
It commended the child who won a prize for "a child road safety poster contest".

I work hard at art time and the time of arts and crafts,
I am very glad that power to express grows.

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