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Book Talk <second grader>
I gather in the library room with all the second graders and am a class of the national language
I had you do Book Talk.
The lecturer is "picture book I see it comfortable ru" (miracle) representative nohoritamitsugisan.
The theme that I thought about for this day,
"Natural ... nature hears, and what do you think of? What kind of thing is artificiality? -"
A tempo was good, and an Osaka dialect introduced nine books.
It is easy to understand the difficult thing,
I talk about the deep thing happily brightly,
It looked like it touched the heart of children well.

The staff of a school studied the story of NDC (Japanese decimal classification), too.
From children
"There was the book which I wanted to read."
"I read like a quiz and was interesting."
"Share ruinokotogayokuwakatta."
"There was a lot of what I knew for the first time."
There was nadono impression.
The wonderful book which I came across this time,
I am going to purchase it to be readable anytime.
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