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Classroom visit <book part>
Have me get close to a Japanese classic,
A book part goes round the classes for taking a lunch break rest.
The contents of the short play "jugemu" of the rakugo.
The classical storytelling that was worked out after the long times,
There are many masterpieces affecting modern people's minds.

Familiar "jugemu" lives a long healthy life to a born boy
From the parental affection that I want to add the name to,
It is the funny story which acquires the terribly long name, and arises.
After having been over, a first grader
"The name was too long, and it was interesting that a bump went down while I said"
Though "it is the long name, what was able to say without being wrong is great!"
As he/she said an impression in this, I advocated the name long once again last in book region.
A classroom was wrapped up in laughter and warmth and was good time.
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