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The third semester start!
The third semester opening ceremony!
A Happy New Year.
The opening ceremony of the second semester is a beginning in the new school term of the inside that infection spread is anxious about of omicron stock a delta stock for the third semester. It is the opening ceremony in ZOOM!
 I heard the story of three tigers which wanted you to value it from the principal.
 The first tiger is "TRADITION" tradition! The traditional school which sends many graduates out since the opening of a school as a Catholic parochial school in 1964. I protected the teaching that people in circumference valued like brothers in the same way when they took good care of oneself as "all of us brothers".
 The second tries "TRY"! The new thing fails and does not go well. I cannot grow up when I do not try. Even if it fails, it considers why it did not go well, and it is important to continue doing TRY. I will bring oneself up more and more.
 The third is "TRACK" way, a course! By the first grade is promoted from April. I want you to touch the power that has own aim well, and continues running on the new track for the third semester. Therefore it is important to work by the summary of each school year well.
 As the third semester is short, I will be fired up from a start. 
We keep three tigers in mind while all being in good health, and appreciating that the third semester was reached, and let's try it hard like a tiger like a brick.

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