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Smiling Day ☺
Drum beaten for announcement & drum stage
Opening ceremony
Child representative greetings
Country of the child
Can badge structure
Old play
Closing ceremony
Child representative greetings
Parents' association chairperson greetings
☺Smiling Day which I had been waiting for today on Saturday, November 20!
A drumbeat resounded with "Don" with an energetic voice at 8:35. It is the stage of the drum beaten for announcement by the traditional culture club.
Strain and wakuwaku were handed down. And the one or two years student is the first shopping. A country of the child is a dreamworld. Shopping while I am with shining eyes.
A can badge structure with star school badge of the original dawn, the making of Christmas card are quite popular, too! I went to Japanese yen burio. A boy is crazy about a strikeout. I made a plan on the day before to be able to turn all around during 70 minutes.
As the sixth grader enjoyed it on the day before, I supported a fifth grader from 1 as a stagehand, the staff today. Comfortable work is impressive! Even a sixth grader!
All of you, a plan, preparations, the tidying up of the protector. Thank you very much for calling, the consideration that the clothes from heavy labor to children were kind to, the day of the smile.
Than the composition of the child
"I went around the shop in sequence. Then I noticed. What a lot of protectors support it, and the sixth grader supports with effort. The lower-grade student was able to spend time thanks to the first form called sumairingude, the protector, the sixth grader who supported it together happily."
"It is thanks for protectors. I want to give thanks if I meet people of the protector. The sumairingude best!"

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