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Dried persimmons of the tradition dawn of the meal
Clove and others taste an astringent persimmon
I challenge changing screens
I will taste an astringent persimmon a little bit
Silence, time stopped
It is completed to the place to hang
 I challenged dried persimmons ... of wisdom - dawn of the life inherited at the present. I take care of own persimmon for 2-3 weeks.
My persimmon is soft and is going to talk to a persimmon with "spirit" every day as I want you to become the delicious persimmon indulgently. I told own child (dried persimmon) and wanted to convey wisdom of the life that had been inherited. Though I was reading it as I was doing "Kakiyamabushi" by national language while a Buddhist monk thought whether "shibuya, shibuya" and the one which said were so bitter, today, I ate and I thought that it was surely bitter and was able to just sympathize. Two weeks later, it will be a pleasure from now on how you change with the present persimmon (color/form/taste). I wanted to value it till the last while observing it well. I thought that it was the valuable experience that could taste joy to wait for by just that much though I thought that it was too much hassle because the dried persimmon spent many days and made it. I felt that you must inherit the wisdom of ancient people from now on again.
 I look forward to dried persimmons, two weeks later of the dawn of this year. I will pour a good love!
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