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I dry it and worship you (first grader)
I cooperate and, using a thread and a needle, connect a string
I wove a string with prayer
I was and gave paste
 In today, five time eyes by the first grader "dried it, and performed a festival". I introduce the prayer of children. "A family, please pray not to suffer from a cold and a disease. In addition, a house and various things have been just drained by a heavy rain. Please all grant praying in God, now." So that "children of the world can go to school" gave the prayer that there was much so that "it is possible for a medicine for coronavirus" so that "to be able to study" "could do forward upward circling" with Paternoster, and so that "God, a person suffering from a disease and a disaster now can get well" had quiet time. And I sent a cheerful singing voice to God. ♪ It be in the corner heart that comes, and said like that blue sky♪♪
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