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President blog (2020)

Of the peace pray

 I did a closing ceremony of the first semester this year with August 7 to catch up on the closure of a school. Therefore the children will spend August 6 at school for the first time for our school. Hiroshima who was told, "the trees and plants do not grow in 75." just after being bombed. I accomplished revival wonderfully and reached the 75th-year knot this year.
 I gave a silent prayer to the signal with the who participated in Hiroshima peace memory ceremony in the angelus which sounded in particular at 8:15 on that day. I had you have a talk about the atom bomb from a vice-principal teacher and sang the song of "the folded-paper crane" to accompaniment of the broadcast with a feeling of the prayer afterwards.
 I introduce one impression of the sixth grader after having learned it peacefully.
 Though I knew the terror of the nuclear weapon in the Pacific War, there is a country making the new nuclear weapon including bikini offing H-bomb test and the long-distance ballistic missile. We cannot inherit it as such world.
 The world is falling into confusion by new coronavirus now. Millions of people are sacrificed at the whole world. The atom bomb took more than 100000 lives in a day for half a year though it was this.
 There is no sign to decrease really though I said, "I reduce 20,000 nuclear weapons" at the time of the Cold War end. Big war may happen in the future as it is if I go. Cannot happen; conveyed the terror of the nuclear weapon in the next generation from a previous generation to save it, and thought that it was important to inherit peace.
 "They remember it and move forward together, and, as for Francisco Pope that Hiroshima was visited to appeal for nuclear weapon extinction in last November, these three protecting" are ethical orders. This was said.
 I think that it is to know why such a thing has got up what "I remember it" had for the children.
I think that "I move forward together" is the word "solidarity" in Hiroshima peace declaration of Mayor Matsui. "A solidarity" of the whole world is necessary now to be the result that "is joint", and ancient people do that there is present Hiroshima, and confronted hardship, and to get over a new menace to human called the new model coronavirus. But unfortunately, as for the reality, the principle of own country first gains power.
 And "I protect it". It is absolutely a principle of the nuclear nonuse that must protect it.
August 6, 2020, the day of the Hiroshima atom bomb. I think about peace with a friend and a teacher at school and pray for prayer, it being a leading figure of the peace heartily without forgetting this day when I promised throughout the life when I want you to grow up as a leading figure of the peace. It was unforgettable special August 6 for me.
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