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President blog (2020)

A month of Maria began

I am considered to be the Holy Mother moon in Catholicism in May. After the fashion of the Virgin Mary's way of life, it is a month to spend while valuing that I live for others.
I brought the lily of the valley that sister T bloomed in the garden of the monastery on the evening of May 1 while saying that it was, "I found it." and presented it to me. I smelled good kindly, and the lyrics of "the skill of the love" floated incidentally.
Because it is filled with power of God even if the skill of ... love is small, it will light up the world such as the moonless night like noon. ...
There is a custom to present a lily of the valley to an important person and the person who is taken care of on "the day of the lily of the valley" in France on May 1. And, in Europe, I told that I was compared with "tears of the Virgin Mary" from the form such as the drop.
I became warmhearted at all and was able to have spirit when I talked with the sister of the easy smile from beginning to end in the room where there was the refined fragrance of the lily of the valley. Whenever I mentioned the skill of the love of the sister and looked at the lily of the valley of the table of the dining table during consecutive holidays, I was able to spend consecutive holidays with a very happy feeling.
For the flower language of the lily of the valley, it was said to "pure purity" "gentleness, loveliness" that I had many meanings, but the above all popular flower language thought that a meaning, "happiness came again" came nicely in now. The support Maria monastic order of the establishment mother's body of the academy is in Paris. The word "to float rootlessly, but to be sunk" is engraved into a crest of Paris City. Even if the wave of the times rages so much, it floats rootlessly while putting on angry waves, and time when you bear still that a storm passes and must wait just thinks that I am never depressed. There are none at the night that day does not break.
It shows the result that made an effort of the stay home, and everybody avoided the overshot, but cannot pull mind still more. It wants to ride it out together together without thinking that a command is followed by bearing it a little more, and being connected while doing infection preventive measures, and forgetting the thanks to the various places that protect our life while it is exposed to an infection risk.
I am pushing forward preparations toward school resumption while appreciating an effort of protectors.
I was given spirit for the smile of the children whom I met when I brought a problem. I am looking forward to the day to be able to meet every day.
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