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President blog (2020)

I join a heart together together and want to get over a crisis

 New coronavirus rages all over the world, and a school will be closed, and big influence appears in the life of children. A virus and the whole world with the strong infection power to spread while I do not know it raise their all power and fight, and there is the invisible uneasiness, but a point wants to look ahead simply because it is such time. I work hard at duties while we staff of a school thinking about days and the difficulty of protectors that a mission is achieved at the risk of life of people engaged in the clinical practice in particular, and praying for speedy convergence, and praying. I appreciate understanding, the cooperation of the home heartily. A thought, the approach about the online class are going to begin that you should do that there is just it to begin the learning of children after the school resumption smoothly together, too.
 I called from a class teacher and contacted Monday and Tuesday and the family. Thanks to you, as for the expression of the teachers who reported that I could confirm what all children spent well and told with children, joyful at all. I feel uplifted just to hear the voice of the child. Thankful.
A protector brought 1,000 pieces of masks the other day when I used it in everybodies if a school reopened. I had you send surgical spirit and the mask until now. I realize that it is the thing which can cheer up a person like this that I am considerate of a partner, and act simply because it is difficult time.
 However, in the newspaper, I strengthen the feeling that a country and a country are cautious of by a problem of the new coronavirus each other and blame other countries, and an article criticizing catches eye. Very sad.
I think that all feel that a virus does not have the border, and the world is connected because new coronavirus spread in the whole world. Therefore I want to widen the feeling that I am going to get over while people of the world join a heart together, and they cooperate.
 As a request from father of the Catholic Nagoya parish was to the director to do medical support of Italy, I am thankful if you can cooperate with support.
It is a transfer email from father.
"A local composer made music called Rinascero (revival = I revive) to support a healthcare worker in the Milan suburbs, the town of the world heritage called berugamo and contributed a copyright to berugamo municipal hospital. Youtube is a donation for all incomes including an advertisement, the copyright to save medical collapse of berugamo at every reproduction that went. It is a lot, and it supports the field alone to have you regenerate it even once in a lot of Youtube and open it. It becomes the medical support of Italy. I think that you can tell other one."
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