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President blog (2019)

Francisco Pope visits Japan "to follow all commands"


           Oh, it is a master

  To open the better future to keep all lives
   Please regard us as your power by light.


 This is a word of the "gathering for peace" bookmark that I had you appear.
I participated in "a gathering for peace" in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park on November 24.
I thank thing, God who were able to have such a splendid opportunity heartily.
Because the visit to Japan theme of the Francisco Pope "keeps all lives." All the problems to be taking place on the earth have consciousness to be connected, and a person of the whole world preaches importance to wrestle seriously in nuclear weapon extinction, environmental protection and the poverty problem of the developing country.
I felt strong thought to nuclear weapon extinction through figure words of Pope of praying, expression that it was faced slowly and carefully in various places by each one, and words were exchanged of the A-bomb victim, one one word of the speech heaviness, Pope. I felt that all people who were in the venue strongly thought, "you must certainly lose the nuclear weapon". I think that I do not forget that impression of then to give the whole venue throughout the life. I felt as if the body was tightened when I had a duty to embody teaching of Pope at a place of the education as a Catholic school.
I am getting ready to celebrate Christmas that is the day when father God gave the world Jesus as a human being at school now. I become a primary schoolchild for the first grader and reach first Christmas. The consciousness changes little by little on "a day to give a present to God" on "a day to thank God" on "a day to celebrate birth of Jesus" from "a day to get a present" on Christmas, too. I think that you can be pleased with God as a present to God and act. I introduce the letter to God from first grader.
To "God
 I try a horizontal bar hard. chikyumawariogambatteimasu.
 sekaijunohitotachinonakaniha, naisenyasensodetsukamattarishiteshinuhi
totachigaimasu. There are sekainihananimoshiteinainoni, a killed person. I want to help the people even a little. dakarabokinowasurenaiyonishimasu."

It is very obedient and is children gentle at heart. I want you to pile up that there is it to oneself while continuing working hard to increase own power that God gave to me as hard as possible toward Christmas, and paying more attention to an always world problem.

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