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President blog (2019)

For realization of the learning that is like independent talks, and is deep

 On the afternoon of Saturday, February 1, I held the learning party of teachers in our school, and more than 80 teachers could come from the prefecture as well as the city, and the child of the fourth grader had you see a figure of the everyday learning.
 It is demanded by a new course of study that I promote the power that I continue learning for a life to survive the times when the change is intense vigorously wealthily. To that end, it is essential for the class that a child spends most of the time at the school to be fun for children.
 Our school assumes a study theme "upbringing of the child who knows the joy to learn, and learns by oneself" and works on a class study mainly on national language. I had you teach it to Mr. Akiko Kuwata that the education workshop of "words" was presided over from the beginning of this year based on a figure of the learning of the child by the real class about the making of class with "independent talks-like learning" continuously.
 And I had you hold the workshop of the education workshop of "words" as the collected studies of the training of this year in our school, and teacher Taneda taught suggestion and had you had Mr. Nobuo Aoki of the elementary school attached to University of Tsukuba do jihanjugyo and teach me many things.
 I did the experience to have you see a class for the first time, and the children of the fourth grader were tense at all among many teachers, but which child had own thought and left to learn hard and had children were independent happily and praise a figure to learn from many teachers. It has the same both adult and child to feel motivated when praised.
 It was independent and realized that it was splendid to learn and "I learned from children and thanked God in being able to spend days at the school where adult could be brought up with children" and was the day when we teacher concerned with a child prayed when was continued being active Lerner today.
 It becomes later than the protectors of the fourth grader, planned time and apologizes for having caused you trouble and thanks cooperation heartily.
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