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President blog (2018)


講師には世界で初・唯一の折り紙博士として知られる 川崎 敏和 先生をお呼びしました。川崎先生は数学の先生としても有名で、数学の話を交えながらさまざまな折り紙の作品を見せていただけました。クリスマス奉仕活動などで折っている折りばらも川崎先生が考えられた作品だそうです。
 Of warm spring I feel. The early-morning heavenly God tightens the heart. Children always give appearing presents of spirit to me.
 At the time of cleaning, I called Y of the upper-class student by "chan charge account" saying "I bring and "I sweep Y, here" so that T child of the third grader finished making Y of the fourth grader Y". Then while Y smiles, with "totally because T says to me with Y to call a wife ...." I whom I asked. Does “ Y kunchihaso call each other it in a heart unintentionally? Let envy it, and is ...; "
 15, the group which came in a school attendance group of six people were Tuesday, only four people and, at the time of school attendance, always attended school early more for ten minutes. I asked it with "being early today, and being four people why". Then U of the group leader answered. An answer, "all came early a little as K of one year was a supplementary lesson early in the morning today though I was at the meeting place." Wow, I admired. I considered security, relief to let a first grader attend school. The consideration of the upper grades full of this gentle consideration continued on Thursday. U and K of the group leader attended school earlier than two, all on that day. If there was me to a sixth grader, were you able to do it to here? When think of this; ... A sixth grader of the star of the dawn is really great! !Anyone can be proud of this.
 In addition, father who always goes for work at the time of school attendance with the group of own child is broken. "М did the best and was called out today with love you!" when I parted. "e is great! !This does not fit a bad child." М says, "a Dadaist is scared if angry!", but М which fully receives the love of the parent is brought up wealthily.
 Some we adults may decline. To children "like you." I think that you make more words and may say that it is saying "I love it.". On a young day, I told a naughtiness native of the class to be, "I actually love it though I scolded teacher, K in various ways.". There is interchange with K (the words do not have resistance when I love it to me who am raised in a star of the dawn) more than 40 years. As for the teacher, the work is really delicious. I'm sorry! It is ... by imprudent language! !
 Oh, it is information of you and Hoshi. I become more and more plump. I am sleeping in the morning in the house which is gojasu. It is right shinko. I am waiting while stretching itself when it is about the daytime, and looking at the athletic ground. When I go, I turn in two people. Kaino older sister does only crunchy bait. Ciao I am chu - rutoiujuruesaoyarimasu. I like two hamochironjuruga. At the age of older sister, I cope relatively coolly. I do not indulge it. I am actually despised! I want to see a figure to be pleased with just carelessly.
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