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"Are there not the words of the magic diary 24 of the director?"

A caretaker has all these children.
"Are there not the words of the magic diary 24 of the director?"

 I come to the world of the kindergarten from the elementary school, and it is one year soon. I do about one lap of event and feel whether you were able to finally understand one year of the star kindergarten of the dawn.

 The growth of infant children was remarkable and knew it some other time when it increased that there came to be so much in one year.

 There is the thing called "a figure wanting you to bring up before an infant end" which a country set and I am common to both a kindergarten and a nursery school and exist. This aimed at the connection with the elementary school being carried out smoothly not arrival target. nodato "aiming at ... becoming possible." just carelessly is apt to think that it is an elementary school-like idea. But it becomes the yona childcare that "I draw out" when I pay attention here too much and may not readily arrive at childcare "waiting" for to value independence of will and the independence of children.

 However, it is very difficult to lead it to the figure wanting you to bring up from a voluntary activity mainly on the play. Even if a bell informing an end of the outside play rings, for the words to the child who is not going to readily enter, I do not yet do well. As I was mainly on praising it in the elementary school days, and moving it, in fact, I might have pulled it for scolding, words of encouragement plenty.

"Then, for an invitation, I continue observing the reaction of children for the words of teachers urging "to come back to the room, and to show 0 0" every day saying Get set! Go! let's compete".

What I understood is that there are not the words of the magic that all children understand. I feel that difficulty and the fun of what I intend to aim and lead are common in the spot of the education while accepting a unit.

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