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"I enjoy the perceptiveness period of the sense!" a bud class

Time for work. I am challenging a slightly difficult thing. I redecorate the room and am a mental revolution.
Power came to enter the finger-tip well, and the right hand and the left hand came to be able to do different movement at the same time.
This work to use only the finger-tip for with fixing a wrist. An adult is easy, but is very difficult movement for the child.
Shameless → I arrange it in thin order. As for there not being it on the stairs which more than one closes though I want to do it step-like, and are beautiful. The child after having corrected a mistake while making trial and error is the refreshing expression that nobody knows.
Which "I am close together with a pink tower of 0 0" widens an activity between children saying "it is the same". It is time of the very good learning.
I feel it to be it is long, and the whole short io body. The sense of children realizes, "I am brought up by actually touching it, and feeling it" in this way. This boy is long after this → I devised short arrangement.
I find the same color while saying, "it is same".
I found a "red" thing from a room. Through this activity, words in the everyday life of children "give me a pencil" → "Gave me a red pencil" and "brought a thread" → "I brought a red thread" spreads well.
 The third semester began. They entered important time for the promotion to junior, but the children spend every day with full of more and more vigorous confidence.
As for the vogue word of recent children, "is already 3 years old" because "it is 3 years old" because "it is an older brother". I hear a lot of these words in a room. As for the figure that encouragement sometimes also encourages a friend if it is when "there is 0 0 as 0 0 is 3 years old"…. Several times that we think of 3 years old is great! 
 As for the time for work, the work of the sense becomes fun. I feel in adjectives including "red 0 0" "long 0 0" "big 0 0" surely increasing in the words of children. Through work, the sense of children is refined more and wants to spend time so that that is made use of in everyday life well.

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