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On 18 diary "on Saturday what kind of day" of the director

The exercise of the Christmas presentation began
I was divided every school year in the time for departmental horizontal contact in a company activity, and an exercise began. This is a state of C (young) and others.

At this garden, the second and fourth Saturday are holidays basically, and childcare and an event are performed in the morning on other Saturday.

Neither the train nor the way is crowded, and there is a slightly unhurried atmosphere on Saturday. On the afternoon of Saturday, I finish work, and I like the time to come home while seeing scenery obootto of the rice field from a window for train plenty.

 But in late years homes taken a rest on Saturday of the going to kindergarten day increased, and it was for a problem what you would do to Saturday. Of course there is the child who makes going to kindergarten as usual, and participates in custody until 16:00. However, there is it on a day to hesitate about how to spend without doing a new thing only in people making going to kindergarten, and going if there is much taking a rest.

 On the other hand, it is on a childcare day to do an exercise and preparations on Saturday of the day before and is more desirable when there is an event on Sunday.

 In addition, there is suggestion how about Saturday for the training day. As is in charge of custody by turns, and there are the teachers weekdays on a day to get on a garden bus, and all are not readily prepared, the meeting that is necessary time other than the holiday for a long term is because cannot receive training.

 Therefore I am thinking about the following thing now for the next fiscal year.


・The day when both a teacher and the child make going to kindergarten

・The day when a child is absent, and the teacher does a meeting and the training

・As for the teacher, children are holidays, too

I consider whether you would like to set it with three of this.

 I will decide the small place including custody childcare of Saturday from now on.

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