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14 diary "choice called the kindergarten" of the director

State of the grade protector round-table conference (young)
In the latter half of the summer vacation, I held a protector round-table conference every school year. I told him/her about a state of the first semester and arranged the opportunity to have you actually experience work of montessori. I was able to share happy time with a harmonious atmosphere.
Choice called the kindergarten

Even if it could approve of education contents so much, it heard a voice to be difficult to choose a kindergarten when I worked in full-time. The child care assistance measures become the needs of the times with a certain characteristic education. At this garden, I am repeating invention for the service of enhancement and the going to kindergarten bus of the custody system, the enforcement of the order lunch now.

I have I include custody system itself during long-term closure, and many people already use it and run it while adjusting a limit called the security of size and the person in charge of facilities.

It may become one of the saucers that the classroom "kids club" is new after school which I examined from summer vacation. Two of an English class and the programming classroom already carry out an experience-based lesson and are preparing for a start from October.

The going to kindergarten bus runs with the second flight 4 system. As service time gets longer and burdens children when I increase too many bus stops, I set a bus stop in the place that a parking lot can find and have you gather by cars to there. On a protector participation event, I make the athletic ground of the adjacent elementary school a parking lot and I open the garden and accept the entry of cars.

The officers of the parents' association this year have work, and they are often found. The parents' association activity pushes forward reform to participate depending on each circumstance. As it is a custom to have officers come for 10/1 entering a kindergarten briefing session, please ask the garden the thing difficult to hear directly.

I may find a person to "want to work when a child was used to the garden" at time of the job hunting in normal childcare time, and the extension of the childcare is possible by the use of the custody. It is not full-time, but is the choice called the kindergarten not possible if a working person and the which wants to work during long-term closure utilize structure of the support well every day?

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