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When "I get over" director diary 11

When "I get over" director diary 11
The standing in line of small shoes. I am writing a picture by sitting straight. I seem to be able to sit straight for all unconcern. Is this because a body is light? ... that I already had it numb.
When "I get over" director diary 11

 The work in the kindergarten begins, and four months pass, but do not readily fit a figure to carry the child who cries, and says, "mother is good!" by force, and to take to the classroom. When ... person not to know sees it even if it is an annual function, a kidnapper seems to abduct you at all and, for kindergartner and protectors, may be seen.

There tends to become many it in the beginning of the new school term and the turning points such as the consecutive holidays, but seems to be different by the child during a timing and the period to feel such. When as look down, and is filled with tears at the time of outside play, stoop down, and ask you; "mother said and has been murmured with totsuburana eyes.

Even if I do not go before I cry, a house who becomes hard to be separated from a person sees it well at the gate. I entrust a teacher with the protector, and a figure is hidden quickly.

 As I am interested, mostly there is a figure playing happily with all afterwards when I go to see a state quietly in the classroom. I think that it is time when you should let you get over there.

 Still, it is enviable to have you say, "mother is good!" to there. It may be now.

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