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"It is the same as a picture book!"  (state of the children of the bud class)

During story-telling, the eyes of children were riveted to a picture book.
I make the bag of the color that I chose by oneself.
He/she goes out promptly. The feeling is happy and excited when I have a wonderful bag.
I had you show the barn decoration in front of the entrance of medium- and high-levels.
See it! I made it by oneself.
The time for meeting of the return. I read a picture book of "pyompyompannokabandesu" (written by Yoshiko Kayama, Kozo Kakimoto image) to children.
 A story to present the wonderful bag with the tail of the seal which oneself made a rabbit in the animals that there is many it. Children, "I wanting this bag me" in sequence after having finished reading saying, as for "me, "my bag does ◯○-colored bag" on a tail of a ◯○-colored rabbit"; words full of production will! I prepared for materials promptly and, on the next day, made the bag. I close the circumference of the bag in sewing isashinoyoni top and bottom. And I put the round tail which I made with woolen yarn last.
 After all, I want to go for a walk when I make the bag. I hung the bag which I made by oneself and went out to medium- and high-levels. I reported it to the teacher whom I met on the way proudly saying "I made it by oneself".
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