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State of bud class May

I rub a potato with the mud with a scrubbing brush and wash it neatly. A potato becomes clean, and the process when the water in the bowl is polluted is fun.
I dry small laundry. The children telling that it is saying "I have done it in the house" are.
The time for snacks. You became able to prepare by oneself saying "you must take 0 0 and 0 0".
It is a walk on a fine day between the rainy season. Stories overflow naturally from the children including having felt the thing which I saw.
I find a small ant and observe it together.
A laying upon picture. "It is like a butterfly!"
I put paint to the glass marble and I roll it around and acquire a design.
I cut it in the form of the umbrella.
 In this one month, it very increased to be able to do it by own power and came to be able to spend it with a good expression with full of the confidence.
"I bagged a glass by oneself" tells joyfully saying "I went to the restroom alone" is saying "I can eat a lunch with chopsticks".
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