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State of the bud class 2.3 month

The child who repeats own favorite work, and works, the child who challenges a difficult thing a lot a little…. The state of children varies, but I show enough own power in time for all work and feel the response that there is many it.
Warm sunlight pours from a window. The light of the sun seems to support the perseverance of children, too.
"See it! It is the expression that seems to be content saying I was able to do it alone.
I drew own face. How to use paint became very good, too.
Own face which children draw really looks just like it, and a smile overflows it unintentionally.
I flipped it and wrote a cute small bird with a picture. The favorite design that I drew with a pastel crayon was very pretty and was finished.
Newspaper play. The children who were diligent in tearing it off small at the start. Play gradually grew big.
"Clothes of the newspaper were done"
"3.2.1, sore!" Of the newspaper it rains.
Finally, get married together. I all picked it up to "transformation and a small thing to a garbage truck!" using a finger-tip. A room shined as before in no time.
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