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Setsubun society

I did Setsubun society.
In each class, I played a game, and I did the bean-scattering ceremony, and was the bad ogre in oneself able to send it away?
The red ogre came over, too, and was very scared, but "the ogre ha outside! I matched a voice with fortune ha together and was able to send you!
The Class violet did obstacle ball progressing ☆*
I like the aspect that I made by oneself!
The Class rose did an ogre progressing relay. I carry it carefully not to drop it.
At the bean-scattering ceremony, the ogre escaped desperately!
Well, the group which worked did expectation☆
The ogre is kana ... of being where
The Class lily danced with oninopantsuo ogres on seeing pepusato♪
I hide well!
The children send away an ogre desperately!
A red ogre comes over and makes a fuss!
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I would like it at the following.
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