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State of bud class December

Christmas society public performance. It is a turn soon. Children as usual with a smile.
When I go out, I wear a jacket by oneself. I pin the fastener button by oneself with effort till the last.
I fold a jacket if I return from the outside. I came to be able to hold out till the last by oneself even if it took time.
I take a walk to the park near the kindergarten. It is said hello to a person to meet in "hello" and a loud voice by oneself.
I blow up play by oneself in children. On that day "an ogre came!" "to gero!" The tag for children began saying it was saying "the corner is two!".
It was the children of the expression that seemed to be sorry, but it was in this expression for a voice of "I return soon" when it reported, "we took a photograph together, and let's return".
 I had days while I worried about infection of the coronavirus, but was able to finish the second semester safely.
 The children hit confidence to oneself in an approach for the Christmas society more and more, and the relations with the friend were deepened more, too. Not only I maintained own thought, but also noticed the feeling of the partner, and the figure which, "I'm sorry", reported was seen obediently and had the days that I could feel the growth of children.
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