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Christmas society

I was able to perform Christmas society while being able to hold it by a corona evil, or doing infection prophylaxis in worry. The children could give the result of the exercise in a public performance, and it was said very much, and an expression was seen.
It is always the scene of the child drama "gloves" rabbit
The scene of the bear is powerful and expresses it
Of the finale ♪ "Make friends; was able to sing to save it" with a gentle feeling
A 3 years old child drama play "lunch bus"
I danced lively.
It kept the gesture while singing a heart in one with all the young children
I was able to look at the leader by ensembles well
Older child Saint drama "yes samanogotanjo"
Beautiful dance of the angel
Each one played own position carefully.
Candle service
In the part of the prayer, I prayed for world underprivileged children and I gave a contribution and did it.
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