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I began the water culture of the bud class crocus

"Bulb this"
"A root comes out of here"
"You must put up water well"
"A flower should bloom early"
 With the children of the bud class, I began the water culture of the crocus.
The children that I have looked at the seeds of flower. I seemed to be unfamiliar to a bulb, and an image that a bud and a root appeared from this bulb, and a flower bloomed did not seem to be heated.
An image seemed to be heated little by little when I conveyed, "the water that there was many it so that this bulb grew big because all grew big so that it was important I ate rice well, and outside, to play well and light of the sun were necessary" for children. I am looking forward to saying it is saying "everybody comes in a uniform, and a pure flower should bloom into the kindergarten in forthcoming April".
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