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Art target and characteristic

 In "music," I have first goal of getting the formation of the personality that is full of hearts. Joint complete "the song of the class" while starting a problem of words, the composition of the song which was correct in the atmosphere of the class where oneself belongs to as the making of new human relations in summer vacation with average 1, and announcing it each other for the second semester. In addition, I carry out a chorus contest under the cosponsorship with the junior high school student council. The student learns that I agree each other and cooperate while tasting musical emotion through a chorus and carries a part made with the class with the feeling of solidarity. The second is the religious cultivation of aesthetic sensitivity. For Holy Mother month of May, "Ave Maria" does "a hallelujah chorus" and "a sacred song" of the whole junior high student, high school student in the society with the teaching materials with high 2 with amount of high 2. 3 in total on Christmas in "requiem" and December in the month of the dead person in November and, by cooperation with the religion department, lets you learn the importance of "praying" through each music. The third is to let you learn the tradition music that took root in the area. I make use of a geographical advantage of Fukuyama where the production of the koto is number one in Japan in a music selector of high 3 and let you touch Japanese culture and the traditional music through the practical skill of the koto directly and let you experience the profundity.
 With "art," deepen interest in art as lifetime education and create the work and aim at bringing up a posture appreciating. Particularly, I let you work on oil painting production while valuing an obedient impression with high 2 and let you experience joy of the fictionization.
In addition, I take up historical events of one artist or the art as a problem of the summer vacation with each school year and spread knowledge, interest in art in what I study freely. Furthermore, I make use for intention, development and deepening enlargement of the individuality to discover the internal signature that appeared in expression, the work of the student in an aspect of the color psychology early.
 It is first and not only I merely write it beautifully, but also tell the importance of the way living as a person through calligraphy and, by "calligraphy," plan the cultivation of the heart. I project the personality of the work of the book and the person and a heart design at that time sensitively. When I took down a writing brush toward one piece of standard size Japanese paper, it is instant of the fight with real swords. By this accumulation, I acquire concentration, the endurance, patience in a natural form. Second deepen Japanese culture and interest and the understanding for the tradition while globalization advances and is going to raise a manner in deference to them. I instruct you to be able to write the kana letters of the flowing beautiful figure in the days of the peace in particular. Third I aim at polishing sensitivity, and bringing up a spiritually rich person. Surroundings are mechanized and put an important point in bringing up a heart and a reception-related rich heart to be impressed by through fictionization simply because it is the situation that becomes easy to be passed to a material thing.
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