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Foreign language target and characteristic

 Upbringing of the citizen of the world mainly on the language study education is one characteristic of the education of the principal school. The English class is performed in fixation of the basic scholastic ability by the Japanese teacher and two directions called the acquisition of live English by the native speaker and goes over the as standard equipment single order of magnitude by guidelines and finds the further number of hours every week in the high school at the junior high school for six hours. In four English skills, I put an important point for writing and the reading in supikingu and listening, the high school at the junior high school. I act while performing smooth instruction feeding scholastic ability to high school English by the presentation of the frequent note or a small test by the class of the junior high school, and receiving a part of the teaching materials of the high school in advance, and learning it to fix the matter that you should learn without unreasonableness at a junior high school surely. Many students take a practical English certification examination to stimulate learning will for English, and to continue learning it with confidence and challenge the upper grade positively.
 I carry out the class of the English conversation by the native speaker with every 3 in 2 with every average 1 for one hour a week during two hours a week. For pronunciation, a phoneme, a conversation, listening, instruction is performed to acquire balanced English with interest happily. A native speaker cooperates with a Japanese teacher and does various invention to develop the command of English of students. For example, it knows the handwritten beauty by learning calligraphy (CALLIGRAPHY), and it feels friendly feeling for English, and it is actually one to come to be usable. Furthermore, I encourage the correspondence with the student of the country of the English zone. It is intended to develop an international sense by the correspondence with the person of the same age living in cultures, and there is the student changing an E-mail with a foreign friend using a computer recently.
 In addition to these, a communication contest is carried out in the whole junior high school every year. I choose a representative in each class and talk with a native speaker and it is a contest to compete for pronunciation or power of expression and commends hot stuff and raises learning will.
 In the high school, all the students of amount of high 1. 2 participate in a national high school student English composition contest and, after campus selection, exhibit an excellent work. It is a total summary of the class of the writing to express one's thought in English about one theme and, using words more than 500, puts results excellent every year. In addition, I advance to various speech contests of the off campus by oneself and participate, and there are many English high students who are going to raise operational power and ability for speech. In such an instruction, students raise will very much and wear high scholastic ability. I perform high-level practice without remaining in the learning of the simple textbook to acquire enough scholastic ability that can pass College Board with high 3 and guarantee the course of students.
 The language study education of the principal school performs education to bring up a full-scale citizen of the world while wearing underlying scholastic ability of English at the same time to touch live English at the stage of the junior high school, and to add to English operation power by experiencing culture and the history of the English zone through events such as on Halloween (ten thousand ritual), Christmas, and stepping on two steps to deepen understanding close to cultures through English as the tool to read it, and to write it, and to speak with the stage of the high school. I develop the scholastic ability to break through the severe university entrance exam at the same time.
 In the principal school, I meet a foreign student from the world countries of Asia United States Europe, and the school scenery that is full of international atmosphere is seen everywhere. They learn Japanese and Japanese culture, different lifestyles eagerly. The current students take in many things from the courage for their aggressiveness and unknown thing, sturdiness with the vital energy, too.
 I step forward to small one step that students bring up the friendship through these cross-cultural experiences and to match power together and build the peaceful world.
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