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[2018] What's New news

The last rough draft morning gathering in this year
There was the last rough draft morning gathering this year.
The theme is "coming of spring".
Children find spring and bring the thing which I want to draw each.
A horsetail, killifish, a spring flower, the child about the eyewash of hay fever is ... among them, too.
I created a favorite work at ease.
State (photograph) of the parting ball game meet
It is the state of the parting ball game meet.
Parting ball game meet holding!
March finally began, and graduation approached the sixth grader.
In the Fukuyama Akenohoshi Elementary school under the pretense of an every year "parting ball game meet,"
I hold a meeting of the dodge ball in a sixth grader and sixth grader protectors and the staff of a school.
It may be the last opportunity that most children bandy a ball with a parent seriously.
Through a figure doing dodge ball with all the feeling of past thanks
The sixth grader is enthusiastic when I want protectors to see the figure which grew up.
(I publish the photograph in a few days again.)
Club introduction
There was the club introduction by the 5.6 years student.
By the club introduction, I introduce the contents which were active in a club for one year for 1-4 years student every year.
Particularly, on, for the fourth grader, thinking about club activities to begin in the next fiscal year,
It becomes the very important event.
It became the summary of the past activity for the 5.6 years student and was enthusiastic very much.
The state is a part, but I resemble "the video corner" of our homepage and introduce it.
I can have the following access from "this in detail".
Please see it by all means.
The calligraphy practice at the beginning of the year exhibition commendation ceremony
"A calligraphy practice at the beginning of the year exhibition commendation ceremony" was held at a morning gathering.
Whole school child exhibits it at "a calligraphy practice at the beginning of the year exhibition every day" every year in star Elementary School of the dawn,
I was able to have "the amount of top flight" as a school.
In addition, even an individual had many prizes including "Mayor of Onomichi Prize".
The principal tells the importance of "the effort" to whole school child in a story,
The children felt the importance of daily efforts as well as a calligraphy practice at the beginning of the year exhibition.
It will be a learning presentation for 23 days tomorrow.
It will be a learning presentation tomorrow.
The children looked back on learning of one year through the exercise of the learning presentation until now.
This learning presentation is the place where children show the power that I acquired in this year.
The protectors whom it is come to come to come carefully.
In addition, the gymnasium may get cold by temperature. I would like cold measures.
I may say holding on Saturday, and, in the gymnasium, congestion is expected again tomorrow.
You should be able to prepare for the water bottles for the hydration.
The photograph is a state of the dice game of the child morning gathering on Friday for 22 days.
The administration department that is one of the service departments plans it once in every term and runs it.
The gymnasium was wrapped in heat from morning.
It is a learning presentation this weekend!
It will be the part of the learning presentation child tomorrow.
To 1-6 years student, I look at the result that I practiced to here each other.
I learn in children more by not only showing their performances, but also facing each other.
I contact with all the teachers, children so that it is the learning of a head, a body, the heart at a place of one such one.
The part of the tomorrow's child become the better growth, place of the challenge for children, too.
(the photograph is a state of the ensemble exercise of the sixth grader.)
Announcement of transference examination
The transference examination this year was finished.
However, much one gives consultation of the transference to me to transfers.
When a principal school is hoped for on account of the transfers from the outside the prefecture, please consult.
As for the summary about the transference examination, following; "in detail click this", and please see it.
Music morning gathering
It is a learning presentation on Saturday for 23 days.
At the music morning gathering, I sing "folded-paper crane" singing by the whole school chorus of the learning presentation "morning of the departure".
I practice so that a wonderful singing voice is sent at a learning presentation.
I updated president blog
I updated president blog.
Of the following please click "this in detail".
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