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[2018] What's New news

The teachers are studying, too! ... programming education training ...
It is star Elementary School of the dawn, but programming education is finally carried out.
Mr. Yusuke Hayashi and students came this time from Hiroshima University,
I had you perform the training about the programming education.
I can have precious learning while actually using a tablet in the training,
About the way of the programming education, I had you strongly enlarge all the staff of a school, the field of vision.
Based on this valuable training in 2019 for children of the star of the dawn
I want to make a place of the better learning.
It will be full of the thought that I make better programming education and want to give in future while having Mr. Hayashi teach it.
Mr. Hayashi and students, thank you very much.
Completion-style leaving office-style & president blog update
I was able to finally reach a completion type in 2018.
The first grader who learned in star Elementary School of the dawn for one year seemed to strongly become an older brother, an older sister.
In the question with "one year, the fun person" in the story of the principal,
Many children set up pin tto heart and raised my hand.
I understand that one year of children was enriched from such a figure.
In addition, a leaving office type was held after the completion type.
In this year, it is left the office teacher Akiko Dobashi, Tomoko Nakajima, president of Class A of the third grade.
When Mr. Dobashi is in charge of, I change every year in the spiritually rich class where children learn from for a soft heart.
There was the warm consideration of heart warm children of Mr. Dobashi there.
There is the teacher holding admiration for the classroom which Mr. Dobashi makes.
I stood every morning in front of a school gate, and the Principal Nakajima invited children with a kind smile on a day of the wind on a rainy day.
Did it not surely attend school in April that children felt true loneliness?
And Mr. Nakajima always distributed hearts to children, various places, the staff of a school of the protector and called out openheartedly.
Principal Nakajima was big, and the Fukuyama Akenohoshi Elementary school advanced in these 4 years, too.
There were the children who shed tears for leaving office of two.
In succession to the intention of two people, I will make an effort for all the staff of a school, a child from now on.
I update the last "president blog" this year.
Of "in detail this" following or "the president blog" please see it by all means from a page.
The 50th certificate investiture
I was able to finish the 50th certificate investiture.
In spite of rain, the venue was wrapped in a warm atmosphere from beginning to end.
In addition, many guests blessed the departure of the sixth grader, too.
In the last of the address of the president, a part of the Bible was quoted.
There from the principal
"I want you to be children living in the heart that I cultivated after this in a star of the dawn with every effort carefully"
"I will want a friend and an encounter to be valid carefully from now on"
I felt that thought called this was put.
At the same time to be proud of children advancing to all the staff of a school, the new way,
It was the graduation ceremony that became full of sense to the protectors who supported it without changing for six years.
There be earlier much light that children advance to.
Certificate investiture exercise
There was a certificate investiture exercise.
A graduating sixth grader sets up heart more than usual soon
I felt that I went with the expression like the pride.
In addition, on the day song "Best Friend of the graduate is shown, too".
Clay charcoal stove experience (third grader)
A third grader made a fried rice ball with the class of social studies using a clay charcoal stove.
At first, as for the children who had a hard fight without catching fire very much,
I raised cheers at a moment with the fire.
The children of the star of the dawn learn such an experience every day carefully.
The last exercises morning gathering in this year
There was the last exercises morning gathering this year.
After having run a marathon, I challenge jump rope.
"I returned it and worked on a hop" today.
A sixth grader stepped forward as an example and returned it and showed a hop.
Today is the last exercises morning gathering for the sixth grader in six years.
In the heart of graduation ... lower-grade student, he/she almost chops the figure well.
Talk morning gathering
There was the last talk morning gathering this year.
At this time, there is "this year last" a lot.
For the sixth grader, it is "the six years last".
I was asked about "the good place of the child of the star of the dawn" by the teachers that the principal was in the venue at a talk morning gathering.
A certain teacher "is good at greetings."
A certain teacher "can take good care of a friend."
As for a certain teacher, "a smile is very wonderful."
Many good places appeared.
The whole venue was somewhat given a warm atmosphere.
Therefore a memory impressed by the figure that the principal nodded to the car which I waited for when I crossed the pedestrian crossing was talked about.
A wish that I wanted you to be No. 1, children of only 1 was talked about.
I pray for the happiness that one children going to all the staff of a school, star Elementary School of the dawn are alone.
For graduation
I finally reach a graduation ceremony in the week after next.
At the morning gathering, the exercise of the graduation ceremony began, too.
In star Elementary School of the dawn, I hold both the entrance ceremony and the graduation ceremony with a meeting type.
At the graduation ceremony, current students tell the thought that was taken care of so far to a sixth grader as hard as possible.
Graduation mass
"Kiyoharu society" of the sixth grader "graduation mass" was carried out.
The sixth grader looks back on six years all day long today while having many stories from father.
In addition, while, in the graduation mass, it is watched by protectors,
I participated in the mass of the elementary school last.
It became the mass to feel growth for 6 years from the prayer of the representative child.
Farewell party food society
Farewell party food society was held.
The farewell party food society commencing with home economics based on the past thing that learned,
It is an event that a sixth grader invites teachers and makes dinner meeting society.
While, in dinner meeting society, all teachers and sixth graders of star Elementary School of the dawn have a meal
I have a heated recollections for 6 years.
In addition, there was the story that I looked back, and the venue was wrapped in a warm atmosphere by an old class teacher.
The opening ceremony of the class reunion is held at the same time, too.
The alumni association name which children soaked "the meeting of the dandelion"
I introduce it later again in HP why it is this name.
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