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The 26th high school student Ambassador Hirawa

Returning home report (Chugoku Shimbun-sha, the Asahi Shimbun)

By this dispatch in Switzerland, I gave a speech twice in YWCA and a disarmament department. I gave thought mainly on the real facts of the radiation exposure and a wish to our nuclear weapon extinction including the A-bomb victim.
As I meet many people and a heart is changed each time and carries out this activity, by doing an activity that I stand on this dispatch, move the people's minds that there is many it and want to wake up a chain of the peace in future.
The 26th high school student Ambassador Hirawa
eiko peach
The Asahi Shimbun
Chugoku Shimbun-sha

Activity report [the 26th high school student Ambassador Hirawa: an eiko peach]

●Disarmament conference hearing
It was the hearing in the different building conventionally this year as the place that held a disarmament conference in usual was under construction. The Hungary which is the chairperson of this meeting "expect that evade the problem that faced it this year. It was stated, I intend to contribute positively and constructively.
During a meeting, I had you introduce high school student Ambassador Hirawa to Ambassador Ogasawara of the representative of Japanese Government part. I recognized the activity that had you touch it about high school student Ambassador Hirawa toward the majority, and wanted to support a thing, an activity to say that it was important that young people had a critical mind and was able to have forward words.
●The United Nations disarmament department
In the United Nations disarmament department, I relayed it and gave a speech. I performed the speech that could send it only to oneself while taking in each prefecture and characteristic that an area had and own scenery. In Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the real facts of the atomic bomb was handed down using a panel more clearly. The Melanie resin bar United Nations disarmament department Geneva desk work director heard it while nodding while seeing our eye and while nearly falling forward. Including a resin bar desk work director, many people concerned heard it seriously and were able to perform a powerful speech filled with the heat.
●House of Anne Frank
There was the person of period in Amsterdam in Netherlands, and the period received the persecution of the Nazis for higher than one year and I hid and lived a life. Here, I can observe the rooms which a state of the life at the time knows let alone the diary of the period. The room which spent time of the period was pressed dimly like that time. In addition, through a sound guide, I could hear the testimony of various places concerned with Anne Frank and was able to think about Anne Frank from various viewpoints. I went to the house of Anne Frank, and a chest was tightened by the living cruel strictly of the period. In addition, I felt the heaviness of the life and realized that you must convey a past because you did not repeat this mistake.

Saturday, August 19, 2023

I leave toward Switzerland Geneva

An eiko peach worked on a peace rally and a signature as the 26th high school student Ambassador Hirawa this summer, and various meetings participated. In the interchange with various countries and people and the student who gathered from the area of the same age, I made thought to nuclear weapon extinction strong and was able to tighten a feeling some other time for Switzerland.
Nagato leaves with high school student Ambassador Hirawa of the whole country toward Switzerland Geneva on the other day and observes a disarmament conference in the United Nations Europe headquarters on 22nd and I submit the signature that gathered and am going to report nuclear weapon extinction.

Sunday, August 13, 2023

●Sanfrecce Hiroshima peaceful commemorative match [EDION Stadium]
I had you install a signature booth and worked on a signature.
As well as Nagato of high school student Ambassador Hirawa, a student of our school participated in this activity.

From Monday, August 7, 2023 to 9th Wednesday: The Nagasaki training

Monday, August 7
●The Atomic Disasters Anniversary World Conference against A and H Bombs, Nagasaki meeting of the 78th anniversary of the being bombed

Tuesday, August 8
Peace bridge 2023in Nagasaki

Wednesday, August 9
The silent prayer in the center of an explosion park was called off for a typhoon approach.

From Friday, August 4, 2023 to 6th Sunday: The Hiroshima training

Friday, August 4
●Hiroshima on-site training of a parent and the child
●Visiting Peace Park monuments guidance
●The Atomic Disasters Anniversary World Conference against A and H Bombs, Hiroshima meeting [Hiroshima Prefectural synthesis gymnasium] of the 78th anniversary of the being bombed
 The 26th high school student Ambassador Hirawa, three people of the representative from Hiroshima decided it in the opening of a meeting general meeting and expressed it.

Saturday, August 5
The alliance 2023 peaceful Hiroshima meeting [Hiroshima Prefectural culture art hall]

Sunday, August 6
Hiroshima peace memory ceremony
●National agriculture group trouble antinuclear peaceful learning society
●Interchange with Nagoya-shi Toho High School

Monday, July 31, 2023

●Gathering [Hiroshima A-Bomb Museum, Peace Memorial Park] of the light of the Hiroshima peace
I prayed for the repose of many people who died by an atomic bomb calmly and entrusted the light of the candle with a request to nuclear weapon extinction and world permanent peace and went around it mainly on a person of atomic bomb death memorial service monument.

Sunday, June 11, 2023

22 Ambassador Hirawa chosen from the whole country gathered in Hiroshima, and a forming into an organization type was held, and an identification of appointment was handed.
There was the announcement of words of the determination from each Ambassador Hirawa, and strong thought for the Swiss United Nations to visit in August was informed it.

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

The eiko peach of five years (in the second year of high school) was chosen as one of the Hiroshima representative, and a press conference was performed at Hiroshima-shi government office by "the 26th high school student Ambassador Hirawa" who appealed for nuclear weapon extinction or realization of the world peace outside the country. I visit Switzerland Geneva with high school student Ambassador Hirawa of the whole country in August and, after the forming into an organization type of June, observe the United Nations disarmament conference and report thought and nuclear weapon extinction of being bombed place Hiroshima to the world. Nagato, really congratulations.
<Nagato: Enthusiasm>
The crisis of the nuclear use increases, and G7 summit is performed in Hiroshima and feels joy and responsibility in being able to let you act as Ambassador Hirawa as 26 generations in now when it is important I report it, and to send nuclear disarmament to the world.
The nucleus is not necessary in the peaceful future. I do my best as hard as possible.
Chugoku Shimbun-sha
The Yomiuri Shimbun
The Asahi Shimbun

Though it is biryoku, it is not muryoku!

With high school student Ambassador Hirawa

I visit the United Nations every year from 1998 to introduce a voice of being bombed place Hiroshima Nagasaki to know the nuclear dire disaster into the world, and to report nuclear weapon extinction and peaceful world realization.
High school student Ambassador Hirawa is recognized as "Hiroshima Nagasaki peace messenger" in the United Nations and the earnest behavior gets a high evaluation in the United Nations and gives big result. It is chosen by an open call for participants and participates in various activities such as "a high school student 10,000 signature activity" after the forming into an organization type of June every year. I report it and work on the activity in each place after returning home from the United Nations for about one year.
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