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 While the photograph throws in a state and the growth of children of the Class rose, I tell him/her. I would like it for one year.

The second semester began in September.

Long summer vacation was over, and the second semester began. The children who met talked about a lot of fun memories of the summer vacation after a long absence. An exercise of the sports Festa begins, and there is the child feeling some fatigue, but works hard at an exercise while cooperating with a friend facing oneself every day. I think that I can spend fun kindergarten life together while recognizing the perseverance of children as there are many events for the second semester, and taking in growth.
I seem to sing "a bus game" loving all. I become a busman completely.
It is a place of the second lyrics "upswing itaa!". It is a good expression♪

For sports Festa

A works hard at an exercise in the morning in the afternoon for sports Festa. When there is the exercise of the relay, I perform talks of a meeting, today's aim and the turn definite decision to run after lunch. The teacher asks it "what kind of turn should I make so that Class rose comes first?" and talking with it about it becomes driven by a child. Power by to give opinions by oneself, hear and power to talk about, solidarity is brought up again. I try an exercise of the baton handing over hard in the room. I believe that an effort of A surely grows in the public performance.
"The turn that baton handing over can smoothen is good", as for "the person run fast, is this turn good?"
"Yes!", I hand a baton to the next person in a loud voice. Baton handing over became able to smoothen it!
B, C love support. On seeing the state that A relayed, a longed-for feeling became strong.

I harvested a morning glory and the kinds of the balloon vine

A morning glory and the balloon vine which I planted together in May met the end and harvested kinds. While a flower and a leaf died, and there was the slightly lacking feeling, the children were impressed by the kind that there was many it coming out from the fruit which died. I ascertained it with own eyes well saying "you just not have to take the green fruit", and the figure which looked for the brown fruit which died hard was seen. Even if time was over and finished a duty, I was able to know that it led to the next life when I planted a seed again.
When I harvested it, I was for carefulness so that a fruit was not destroyed.
I said "... which a form of the heart was described!" in on seeing the kind of the balloon vine joyfully.
I have by a small hand carefully not to drop a species.

I made the present of Respect for the Aged Day

For Respect for the Aged Day, I prepared the present into grandfather, grandmother heartily. A made "the wall decoration of the flower". I thought about a color of the tissue paper, and the figure which I turned it up carefully so that thin paper was not torn and finished carefully was seen. B made "a cosmos and the vase". I put the tissue paper which I tore off on the size to like to a plastic bottle and was finished at a unique vase. There was the friend who learned how to make cosmoses, and brought it in an introduction thing ♪ C made "the photoframe of the starving green caterpillar". I starched the drawing paper of the big apple and tried that I put the green of the body of the green caterpillar and yellowish green drawing paper in turn hard. Did you have you please with favorite grandfather, grandmother?
[A] I chose the tissue paper in spite of being "kana ... that grandmother liked purple" and a thought.
I devised a cut end of the tip for oneself while looking at the image.
[B] I changed the color of the tissue paper finely, and I was surprised by an abundance of ideas when I put it three-dimensionally.
"I can display it all the time because it is the cosmos which does not die" "kana - to have you please"
[C] I put the seal of the star on the finish. I looked glad with "... which was cute in a glitter!"♪

I spent time with a teacher of the student teaching

I spent time with a teacher of the student teaching for one month from September 1. I did the outside play and talked and was able to make reading bun kaseoshitemorattarinado of the picture book, a lot of pleasant memories. Each children has a present on the last day of the training and "does it to a treasure!" It was delight saying "I display it in a room!". It is always full of appreciation for snuggle, the teacher who watched it kindly.
I had you read a picture book called "moriniichibagadekiru" and was able to know the value of the food.
Using wami, I made a bracelet and the tiara and worked as a teacher smartly.
A made the Kendama of a teacher and the fagot worm of the training and devised each leaf.
After having made it, I played with Kendama. "Was included"; to challenged it many times joyfully.
I got a pochette of the Halloween one by one. As it was with a message, I read it again many times joyfully.

I am vigorous without losing in the rainy season in June!

June begins and is dampness and the humid climate that they did, but outside, indoor, children are vigorous. I made the work with the indoor play using clay and a block and described the picture which oneself liked in a free sketchbook freely. In each thought have an idea, and put the ingenuity. A talk does not stop and tells that I hear with what "made what" joyfully!
I did "I upset it and play a game" together the other day. As there were many cards of the color of own team and was the simple rule called the victory, I was able to enjoy it in all school years. As for the person who becomes incandescent too much, and cries saying "I am annoyed at losing"…. What can share various play with a friend leads to the solidarity power of the class.
C is colorful using various colors and loves to describe it♪
I observed the corner to pray for of the kindergarten and described it. Even A!
"Have a cookie one!"
I was able to use the block amicably while taking the communication with a friend saying and "I lend you it" was saying "it is good".
"I made the hand on the watch!" A ticktack and a hand on the watch reproduced a state to change.
Of "upset it game" oneself upset a card hard to increase the colors of the team! Became incandescent; fought.
"Hurrah!" the team which won is delight☆

For the Star Festival

To hear a story about the Star Festival, I was able to know that Altair could meet Vega only once a year or that I wrote a wish to the strip of paper and displayed it to the bamboo grass.
I produced a bamboo grass decoration heartily saying "a wish come true".
It is pashari under a bamboo grass decoration ☆In search of own bamboo grass decoration, I read the wish of the friend and…It looked like a story did not run out.

State of the outside play

I called out to each other each other saying "get ready let's cost dong together together!", and the race in a great number of people began. As it usually runs a race in by 3-4 people, it is fresh to compete with many friends.
I caught a grasshopper and observed it between friends. The small insect is surprised by the power of observation of children not to overlook.
He/she showed an aerial ladder saying "one step tobashi came to be possible!". While I do not know it, I come to be able to do various things.
The foot of the friend is buried in sand more and more. I can enjoy the touch of the sand directly when I play barefoot and am comfortable.

Dynamically muddy play!

I enjoyed an eating house game "doing it ... in chocolate people" saying "there was tea with milk!".
I dug it hard while cooperating with enthusiasm, a friend saying it was saying "I make the river!".

What kind of person is Maria in May?

"Thank you for God, a delicious lunch. Thank you for the delicious meal a turn steps forward every day and prays with voices together together. Of course it prays the children for thanks to thank God giving a blessing of the food while noticing that every people including people selling people, the food which brought up mother, the vegetables which he/she made are engaged in own life. The feeling to thank happily of oneself seems to be brought up when I convey that there is the person who cannot have meal that it is enough for the world. In addition, I pray even for the meeting of the return every day. What kind of day was it today?……It is time to talk with God. Will God take which "I can play with a friend a lot and was fun" in what kind of, praying so that "an ill friend is early, and which "it came to be able to be difficult" gets well"?
And I talked about Maria a lot in a class for the Holy Mother month in May. What kind of person is Maria? I seemed to have an image of Maria including the "mother of Jesus" "gentle person" "beautiful person of the heart" well when I asked this. People whom I advance even if a teacher says to nothing, "I will help with a teacher, tidying up!" and help are a lot. Do not consider that say like Maria that is gentle; look very glad. It can feel happy both to do something to people, to have you do it.
It is prayed for the feast state
Back meeting
Help of the teacher
It looks like before going for Maria festival
Drainer of the flower
To Maria of Lourdes of the flower give it

I planted the seeds of plant and the seedling of vegetables

I planted the seeds of balloon number and others and morning glory. I observe the difference in kind, and is it blooming kana - of what kind of color? I seemed to be looking forward to this♪
A turn takes the lead from oneself and does work of the watering. Watering is doing how long a plant is pleased if I put up water while thinking about quantity.
The Class rose decided to raise a cucumber together. "I grow taller!" There are a lot of observation experts who do not miss the trifling conjugation saying "leaves increased from yesterday!" either. The most moving passage is pleased with the rattling sound of the leaf, and what color is the flower? Where is the fruit of the cucumber produced from? It is nado, the children who, anyway, are interesting.
In all "is greatly ... re! I had a turn do watering while greatly chanting ... re and an incantation.

Approach in the class

The children protect the bathroom of the illustration faithfully when they put a poster of the hand-washing near the water supply. I notice the comfortableness of washing it to a bright shine and am become the custom.
Work to turn the date of the calendar
The role of the turn is past all school years in turn. Ring a bell of the end of the outside play, and after the preprandial meal pray, and have laundry in the reception desk, and work for line ttarinado, all a lot. Children love work of the turn.
I may clean it after a lunch together. They pick up own personal garbage, and children love to clean a floor with a dustcloth to the every corner in * itarinado, a room. Will this be because it sees a state of the cleaning of mother in a house? It is like totally small mother.
How to use broom is quality of the hand, too! A teacher "tells how to use by words" and the child sees it in what "I do" not one and imitates it. By doing it in silence, the child analyzes the movement and is going to do it for oneself. You take consideration into the thought that "you want to come to have alone" of the child at the home, and please be concerned.

State of the indoor play

I played using newspaper dynamically. I recalled a paper airplane and a turnip and various things including a mantle and the tie and made it freely. The idea of the child is infinite!
onionibasuketto where a fruit basket does not become. The person who became oni threw the dice and moved a seat by the large serving rise that I did not consider "eek!" if own color appeared. As for some people who want to become oni, and do not readily sit down…
The rock, paper, scissors train which all like. Even if it loses rock, paper, scissors, it sticks to the friend, and it seems to be fun it becomes the train, and to walk ♪ Finally, it became the long long train. I walk to a piano slowly not to derail.
Contact play of "a cucumber was made"
One person becomes the cucumber, and the other person becomes a cooking person. As it was done with a kitchen knife tap-tap and was munched, a person of the part of cucumber seemed to tickle and roared with laughter. The voice of the encore does not die out saying "I want to do it already once!".

New one year started in April!

A teacher in charge changed, and there seemed to have been the confusion at the beginning, too, but I completely learned the name now and came to say hello vigorously. Even if C cries, a feeling comes to be changed and feels growth. I will make a lot of memories pleasant together of the Class rose for one year♪
A (older child) is struggling for care of C (young child) every day! The beginning "care is difficult…The state that had a hard fight was seen "saying "do not hear that said!", but recently "do it in this way. A figure to lead so that I showed the copybook saying see it, and there was C by own power came to be seen.
When a bridge declines by the game of "London Bridge"; "car -" is to delight! People across the bridge vary at people, a violent speed to go slowly on purpose.
I sing a song by the meeting of the return every day. To the lyrics called "niramekkoshiyo memmemme" of the song called "a teacher and a friend", it is a strange face of all all energy♪

State of the outside play

I love all races. It is comfortable to run with every effort while feeling wind.
Of the support called "do the best ...!" a voice is a help. As for being glad that I have you have oneself, it is wonderful that I think to do it to a friend.
A lot of dumpling insect search parties gather "is there you here?". It put soil and fallen leaves in the insect cage, and it became good to organize us of the dumpling insect.
I seem to want to approach the carp streamer which is more expensive than a roof even a little. I looked with "... which swam!" joyfully.
"Come -!" It is opening of sweets person. He/she serves a pudding and a cake, a lot of sweet, delicious things including the ice♪
I feel gentleness in the figure which plays catch while A matching it with C, and thinking about power. The admiration to an older friend grows up.

I went for the walk in the academy

Children love to touch it naturally. I recruited it in a bag joyfully when I found a beautiful leaf.
"... looking have a such small kindergarten" and impressed children. The scenery judging from the medium- and high-levels in the high place is unusual and is fresh.
I prayed at Maria of Lourdes at the end of the walk. I acquire a custom to calm heart, and to pray for.
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