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[parents' association] I carry this out [two years]

Category:Junior high school,Two years,Parents' association
A second grader performed a parents' association yesterday (9/15).
I told him/her about the detailed contents of "the challenge to be heated that Setouchi was boiled!" to carry out in October. "Sea kayaking" and "trekking", there is the experience of three of "the octopus trap fishing" this year, what kind of; is challenged, or will be at all a pleasure now.

[the back rearranging] I carry this out

Category:Event,Middle and high schools
I arranged it after a memorial festival bazaar yesterday (9/12).
We cooperated in all the students and put a desk or a chair, corrugated cardboard in order. In time for movement of the panel, University of the wonderful smile was able to stand in line in a corridor and the passage.

[memorial festival bazaar] Preparations

For the memorial festival bazaar two days later, I did a desk and a chair, the migration of the panel.
It is the preparations every person in charge and club after school.
The pro-exercise club made the program of the game shop on the second floor of the gymnasium.

[LHR] Activity report [four years] of the summer vacation

Category:High school,Four years
A fourth grader (in the first year of high school) performed an activity briefing session of the summer vacation at time of LHR.
I challenged open campus and volunteer activity, workshop, and I was divided into the group, and all the members announced what I experienced and to have learned. A report of each student was shared, and it was a crop of the whole bigger school year.

[lecture] I carry this out

Category:News,Middle and high schools
I greeted Mitsuru Izumo of euglena Co., Ltd. on Monday, September 5 and carried out a lecture.
There was a destined encounter in the Bang horseradish which came in college student days and seemed to work on the study of the euglena said to that there was never it. I had you convey the importance of a mentor and the anchor to continue chasing a dream through failure.
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