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A star of the dawn to want to know more!

The junior high school high school days that are the important time when man and woman extends each characteristic to. I am devoted to female education to be able to increase the rich ability that a student is given as a woman and learn under the consistent sense of values for six years.
It looks up to the Virgin Mary as a model of the woman and is clean like Maria, and it is the mission of the star in dawn that sends the wise woman who can give people joy and hope kindly out.

① School life only in the star of the dawn

Introduction of the new high school course system

Learning environment

Global education
Since foundation of 1949, I concentrate power on English education. All the members advocate the acquisition target of the Eiken second grade by the Eiken third grade, an eleventh grader by a ninth grader and carry out campus examination in the whole school. Furthermore, in first grade at a high school and two years, all the members take an entrance examination for GTEC for Students, and the English growth rate of one year is appreciated every year. In addition, I bring up practical English ability while understanding a cultural background in the English class of our school original which a native speaker instructs with it is "GU" (global under standing).
WE -World Englishes-
I started "online English conversation" in 2018 targeting at applicants. From 2019, all the students of the fifth grader carry it out from a third grader during class in earnest. It is "Online English conversation lesson" to be connected to the overseas lecturer while being in the classroom. The approach to the situation of the student who can do it simply because it is one to one is precise and exchanges it happily at all. I actually use what I learned in an everyday class by online English conversation and work on English learning forward while feeling joy "handed down".
Language Arts (linguistic education)
The activity of Language Arts aims at the acquisition of "the model" when I use "the technique of words" that is words. The human being considers using words and is a creature to express. And it is necessary to wear the standard and "the model" that it is to think about things logically, and to make logic, and to talk clearly.
 The speech contest is one big event of the linguistic education. Well, I learn points such as how to stop, and, how to decide themes and the constitution of the sentence, the student of the representative chosen in the qualifier of each class announces before the whole afterwards before making a manuscript. In feeling of strain, all students announce magnificently.
It is learning society after school
I carry out learning party targeting at hoping students after school after school. After club activities were over; many students stay until 19:00 p.m., and learn it after school. There is the student who studies it together while asking a student working on self-study silently in a classroom and a teacher of the charge. A figure of a student repeating efforts towards an aim and teachers supporting it on the side is good traditional one of the stars in dawn.

Active club activities

Track and field club
Six land enthusiasts gathered in 2001 and started as a track-and-field club. I participated in many meetings now and grew up before the player who participated in an inter-school athletic meet was born. While each one works together in competition, in harmoniousness, I make an effort for the improvement of the own competition power every day.
Guitar mandolin part
A star guitar mandolin moiety of the dawn is the only junior high student, a mandolin orchestra of the high school student in Fukuyama. With the history of wound part 30 years, I participate in a national convention every year in summer. In addition, in "a memorial festival bazaar" and "open school" of our school, I plan the experience-based meeting of a mandolin and the guitar and participate in a local event.
Tea ceremony club
In busy life, I sit on the tatami mat once a week, and it is surrounded by the steam to go up and tastes time to drift with a fragrance of the tea slowly calmly. I aim for there coming to be tea-serving manners alone from the lesson of the visitor including the way of manners of entering a tea-ceremony room the beginning. I learn the importance of courtesy and manners, beautiful conduct and performing it heartily through tea ceremony.

Various school events

Memorial festival bazaar
The biggest event of the star of the dawn includes a memorial festival bazaar. It is an important event to tell the appreciation to the local people who were taken care of to this day after a school is established. It is the every year various contents including a student work and a souvenir, the sale such as product exhibitions and learning display, club display, the game shop by the volunteer, the refreshment stand.

※For a corona evil, I cannot carry it out this year last year.
School excursion in Canada
I carry out the school excursion of 5 days and 4 nights every year to Canada in October. The students arrive in Canada and perform the homestay for 3 days and 2 nights with one set of two people immediately. I can take communication well before leaving or there are many uneasy students, but is asked a lot about "‼ where I want to still stay" with and the voice to regret when it is over and comes back. It is a good opportunity to practice the power that I cultivated in an everyday English class.

※For a corona evil, I was changed to a domestic school excursion last year in postponement, this year.

Christmas homage
As an event to practice "a woman living for others" who is mind of the-based study of our school, there is homage on Christmas. I visit the social welfare facilities of Fukuyama city or Fuchu-shi and I hand a help of the cleaning and a plan of the Christmas society, a handmade present and perform it every year. I perform that oneself has each student heartily and can spend wonderful 1st through many encounters.

※The visit to facilities sent a present last year without performing it and, for a corona evil, cleaned the area.

② Warm vocational counseling

I research own course in medium- and high-levels six years

[1.2 years (junior high school 1.2 years)] The basics "establish a lifestyle, a learning custom"
 I put an emphasis in the basic scholastic ability and let you acquire a learning custom. I have an interview while valuing individuality of each student and instruct it carefully.
[3.4 years (third grade at a junior high school, first grade at a high school)] "I draw a future figure, and development increases scholastic ability individuality"
 I take in the learning contents of the high school gently from 3 annual. In the national language, the mathematics, English, I perform a small number class according to the degree of achievement.

[5.6 years (high school 2.3 years)] Completion "advances towards an aim"
 The substantial curriculum corresponding to the desired course of each student. I make a special curriculum just before examination and perform instruction connected directly with examination more. I perform the individual guidance of a short essay, the interview corresponding to individual universities.

The pass situation for the past 3 years

Many students enter national and public universities, the private university and work hard towards own dream every year.

National university

Large scientific nameThe number of the passers
Ochanomizu girl4
The Tokyo ocean1
Tokyo art1
Nagoya mechanic1

Public university

Large scientific nameThe number of the passers
Kushiro public2
International culture1
Tokyo Metropolitan1
Tsuru Univ.1
Osaka municipal institution1
Osaka prefectural management2
Kobe-shi foreign language1
Hyogo is prefectural1
Public Tottori environment1
Shimane is prefectural2
Okayama is prefectural1
Prefectural Hiroshima5
Fukuyama municipal institution4
Kochi is prefectural1
Kitakyusyu municipal institution1
Nagasaki is prefectural1
Miyazaki public1

Private university

Large scientific nameThe number of the passers
Aoyama Gakuin1
God's wisdom7
Art for women4
Tama Art Univ.1
Tsuda Coll.1
Tokyo music2
Tokyo Woman's Christian Univ.1
Tokyo Women's Medical Univ.2
Tokyo agriculture5
Tokyo Univ. of Pharmacy and Life Sciences1
Japanese girl4
Kanagawa dentistry1
Specialist in Saint Mali Anna1
Aichi medical department
Nagoya foreign language
Kyoto girl12

Large scientific nameThe number of the passers
Doshisha Women's Coll. of Liberal Arts13
Osaka medical department pharmacology3
Japanese apricot girl3
Kwansei Gakuin29
Konan girl4
Kobe Gakuin2
Kobe women's university5
Kobe girl4
Kobe affinity girl1
Kobe pharmacology4
Mukogawa Women's Univ.11
Kawasaki medical department1
The Kawasaki medical care welfare22
Notre Dame pure soul girl5
Heisei, Fukuyama7
Yasuda girl20

Main designated school and Catholic school recommendation entrance examination

 Gakushuin University
 Sophia University [Catholic high school target special entrance examination]
 University of the Sacred Heart Tokyo Woman's Christian University
 Shibaura Institute of Technology Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences
 Tokyo University of Science Meiji University
 Rikkyo University St. Marianna University School of Medicine
 Japan Women's University
 Nanzan University [high school recommendation entrance examination of Roman Catholic line]
 Doshisha University
 Ritsumeikan University 
 Kwansei Gakuin University Kobe Women's University 
 Kobe College [targeted for a Christianism school]
 Konan University
 Kobe Pharmaceutical University Mukogawa Women's University
 Notre Dame Seishin University [Catholic school system of admitting students into colleges upon the recommendations of high school presidents system]
 Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare
More than 100 universities in total

③ ICT education

All the students utilize iPad

Each student has an exclusive tablet terminal from 2020 and utilizes it for not only a class and the composite learning of each subject but also the individual learning at the home. I utilize ICT and plan upbringing of ability for information utilization and the power of expression.

A projector is fully equipped with by all classrooms

In our school, I installed a short focus type projector in each classroom as consistency of the ICT education for several years. In 2018, the deployment to all classrooms is completed and may use it in all lessons. Better education environment including a class and the utilization in the class is regulated well.

Use application, introduction of the utilization example

・Portfolio (learning record)
・Adaptive learning (I matched it with each one learn)
・Active learning (independent learn)
It is correspondence from the notebook function that is simple to class content to high collaboration learning flexibly widely!
・The handwriting that is freedom and rich expression
・The screen joint ownership that is super real time
・I support you in a subject, the class for all units
 (simultaneous learning, individual learning, collaboration learning)
Using "MetaMoJi ClassRoom", I perform delivery and submission, the correction of the problem smoothly even if I encounter a corona evil. In a certain subject, I make a question sheet and challenge various approaches that put their ingenuity.

We teacher meets the effort of students doing their best by careful correction and comment hard at home, too.

④ Voice of current students, the graduate

2021 nendoseitokaichoshokyuhimebo [than (first grade at a high school next from Hiroshima City attendant Junior High School entrance to school)]

I was from a public junior high school of Hiroshima-shi and entered the star of the dawn from the high school. All of teachers and the classmate welcomed it and were able to be familiar with a school immediately. The teachers of the star of the dawn give it lessons individually for after school and a break, and will they support the learning of the student? In addition, I can devote myself to a student council activity and club activities with every effort. We had a school festival in November and we student council executives played a key role and ran the plan. I have a lot of "fun!" voices and am full of sense of accomplishment. In addition, I belong to two clubs. There was the support of teachers and the friend and was able to challenge what I wanted to do a lot. Everybody drives it into study and own thing that you want to do with every effort in a star of this dawn, too, and do you not send satisfying school life?

Miki Akiyama [Tategami, Fukuyama-shi side Elementary School native place] in 2021 in the first year of junior high school

There is two charm of the star of the dawn feeling me to be now. The first is that a library room is substantial. The library room has the books of various genres. In addition, a booth for self-study is established underground, and the environment that I concentrate on it and can study is regulated well. The second is that there are various events including the event that other schools do not have. It is the Holy Mother festival that I am left in the impression in particular. I did altarpiece while giving opinions with all the classes. It was the first experience, but it was that the altar which I made it together and put up remained for the memory. In addition, I was able to make friends with a friend through such an event. I want to discover charm in the daily life of the star of the dawn to spend more and yet more from now on.

2020 graduate Akiko Tanaka [Kyoto University Department of Education educational science department]

I enter the star of the dawn and thank what school life was able to send among loving teachers and friends very much. If there are not experience and study biga which I cultivated in a star of the dawn, there is no today's us. In the star of the dawn, the environment that could challenge a new thing was regulated well. 2 degrees short-term studying abroad widened my field of vision. In addition, the neighboring friends and teachers were only the people who supported my challenge. It was often that it became uneasy after having decided that I aimed at Kyoto University by examination without being able to predict the future, but it became kind and taught it when I had a talk regularly and answered it carefully if I asked. I was blessed with the friends who worked together in competition, and could raise it each other. It was really good that I could spend six years of junior high school High School in a star of the dawn.

2019 graduate Shiho Umezawa [Doshisha University department of economics economy subject]

I love student, and a teacher supporting with every effort always comes to the star of the dawn a lot. When you were troubled in person about a course, you had it became kind and hear a story and told me patiently until you understood it if you went for a question in the study. I apply it to examination, and will the teachers of the star of the dawn always support it with every effort across a school year corps? I appreciate while I am busy with everyday club activities when what was able to be compatible without neglecting study is because there was utmost support of the teachers of the star in dawn.
The mind to live for the others who wore it through various experiences that there is only in a star of the dawn such as Christmas homage and the rice ball lunch donation is still my motto.

2018 graduate Kaoru Sato [Ochanomizu University sentence department of education humanities subject]

A point to think that it was good to enter the star of the dawn is the point that was able to learn that I think as a one person by oneself and act without being kept in the sex. I feel that an individual is still the world that is not respected so that I become a university student and come to pay more attention to the social problem that there is in modern Japan, and even an advertisement of SNS and YouTube drifts. However, in the star of the dawn, I perform a plan, the administration of the student oneself event positively, and independence and acting power are forged a lot at an opportunity to do it how by oneself, or to think. Through six years, I think that I may play an active part in the oneself axis in the world in these days when by performing that I move various things to a thought, the practice, is apt to mind a person's eyes.

⑤ and more...

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