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[academy workshop] University of Tokyo Professor Yoshihisa Yamamoto
All regular staff of a school who worked at Institute of Fukuyama Akenohoshi on August 24 participated and held an annual academy workshop. The lecturer of this year gave a lecture on the theme called "a thing bought now at a Catholic school" in University of Tokyo's professor Mr. Yoshihisa Yamamoto. Mr. Yamamoto conflicted for going zukio of the mental discipline that firstly you received in the native place of the glory school (Kanagawa) which was the same Catholicism school for Catholic school six years. In addition, I had the Greek philosophy and Bible explain it about the way of the human being who did tsutei of life, a relation with God clearly. We who were concerned with a Roman Catholic respected people of the different opinion and position in modern many crises about "I build a bridge" and reminded the importance of taking a connection of the love of the message that Pope Francisco was emphasized.

I made thought to have to value the thought that should be also known as inheritance of the human whom teaching of the Bible and a philosopher for more than 2000 thought about not what thought in the range of the several decades when I had own experience to do better way of life more strong. Is written in the Genesis beginning of the Bible;, as for "God, the people were created in the shape of you. The human being was born as "an extremely good thing" saying it was good to be full of that as there is it. It was the day when I refreshed determination that it wanted to face the education of the Fukuyama Akenohoshi that the various places that worked in various places to learn in a Fukuyama Akenohoshi academy were better and could tick away wisdom and faith to live in mind with confidence that each us was "an extremely good thing".
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